Things that you have said/thought while working on your story!

Hey there!

I realised today that most of the time I think a lot and even say things aloud while coding, creating characters and outfits, coming up with a summary, or basically anything related to the making of an Episode story, to the point that it occurred to me: “hell, I must be insane. I hope I am not the only one who does this.”

So, here were are. If you are one of these people, know that you are not alone and that I (and probably some other authors guilty of this) want to read your thoughts/one-way conversations.

It can be bizarre and unnecessary commentary (mind your potty mouths, by the way, learn from me), it can be phylosophical stuff (?), it can be you practically humiliating yourself over silly errors that held you back for a while, etc…

Feel free to give us some context if necessary! And remember, if you do not find the proper words to describe a situation, memes speak louder!

Three examples to get this started. Each case took place today.

Why am I like this?

On the brink of tears, after half an hour of previewing the same scene: “What did I do wrong? Why is the zoom so messed up, why?!?

Yeah… turns out I had forgotten to change the zone. Pathetic :woman_facepalming:t4:

Previewing another scene. A random background character walks by, completely naked. No censor bar and no decency whatsoever.

“Hold on, hold on… why is he naked? There is no reason for him to be naked!”

I thought it was that glitch, you know? So, I let it pass… but a few hours ago, I discovered that yeah, I created a background character and left him like a Ken. Sue me :tipping_hand_woman:t4:

Upon re-reading the outline of my story.

"…Well, crap, a plot hole. Guess I will have to work on this all afternoon to fix it. "


I have a looooot more, but come on, guys! I know I am not the only one! I am all eyes ears! :blush:


I was trying to add in a table overlay… I did the spot and everything but it wouldn’t show up… it ended up being that I never actually created the overlay… oops

And then yesterday I was trying to add CC to the LI of my story but I forgot to change the MALEAVATAR to my characters name. Resulting in me messing around and deleting certain eyebrow choices (since the error said eyebrows don’t exist) I ended up wasting twenty minutes just to delete the template and re copy and paste it again.


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Things I say often:
“I am a genius”
“I’m so funny”
“Yikes, why did I think this was funny”
“Wow, can’t believe that worked”


I curse my computer sometimes. It’s sooooo slow and freezes, so everytime it does, i’m just like “whyyyyyy?” and sometimes I do forget some stuff in my script and will say to myself “what did i do wrong???” and then I follow along on the script and end up spotting it. Opening multiple tabs is a pain, when I leave the script to check on characters or backgrounds, and then come back, it loads so long and I will say some some bad stuff :roll_eyes:

On a more positive note, I really like seeing cool things in action and will say stuff like “wow, this looks amazing, u really outdid yourself”

Sometimes when I’m reading my story, what I wrote didn’t seem funny but i end up laughing out loud when i go over it :joy:

I do say things like “just how?” since when i test something on web, it’s diff from mobile, which makes me pretty upset tbh.

I have said nice/evil things while working on my stories, but most of the time, i’m quiet, focused and listening to music :joy:

BTW Happy Anniversary of the day u joined the forums :partying_face:


The usual
“Omg, that’s so bad”
“Ahhhh, it’s perfect”

And sometimes my mind just fall down to the “this is kinda cliche” or something along the lines in that but yeah :tipping_hand_woman:

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This is what I do most of the time when I finish a scene:
“Great job Annie, this is so funny!”
First preview:
“Well, maybe that’s too much”
Second preview:
“Nope, it’s good.”
Third preview:
“Um, maybe I should just get rid of that sentence”
4th preview:
“Or the whole scene”
5th preview:
“Dammit, I will just leave it as it is”

Whenever I’m using overlays, I wonder how certain authors make those awesome scenes and why my mines look so lame :sweat_smile:

And the plot holes, yeah… I have a story in which the MC is a foster kid and he doesn’t know anything about his family. I mentioned this in the first episode then I totally forgot about it and published a later episode in which he visited his grandma. A few days later it hit me like a brick in the head and since then I reread all my published chapters every time I start writing a new one. I felt so stupid :woman_facepalming:


you don’t know how many times i have literally started screaming because my frickin overlays wouldn’t show up because it’s 4 am and I forgot to change the opacity to 1


I’ll be in the middle of writing the dialogue for a scene and then just type

I’m a big dumb dumb bleugh Can’t even tell the difference between my landlord and the guy I’m fighting crime with hardy har har

Whenever my overlays have a glitch or they don’t move the way I want them to:

Having a cloud float upwards is realistic, right? I can make this work.

I’ll ruin serious, sad scenes:

(It was only 6 months ago…)
(I was standing right there…)
(BaRbEcUe SaUcE On My tIdDiEs)


Mines just mostly swearing and surprising myself when I code a scene right the first time around! :joy:


Well there’s a lot but the most tuta happens is that I am placing an overlay and it isn’t approved yet and there’s an other error so I never notice it and I yell my laptop ********** I just basicly swear the whole time while I am writing :grin::grin:

Oml same! Whenever there’s an unapproved background/overlay I automatically assume i’ve messed up my whole script! :joy:

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When I have a lot of overlays and need to move them:
Where are you bish?
Mooooove bish!
Why are you in a cornerrrrr?!
Nooooo infinite loop you fuuu-! (Thrashes body around in frustration)
When a character is supposed to walk perfectly on screen but ends up on lower left corner:
What are you doing (CHARACTER NAME)?!
When I realize dialogue is trash:
Ew. No.

Overlays are the devil :imp:


Hsdhjjssj we fuel that ego, it is not your fault :joy::joy:

I… I am just realising that it is my anniversary here! Stupid hyperopia! I did not see that cake! Thanks, Jem :joy:

Hahahaha the comedian’s five stages of resignation grief :joy:

I do not write comedy, but I can relate :joy:

Ahsjakkask I am so guilty of this too! Except I usually write crap like that to remember where I left off next time :joy:

Anyway, phylosophical thoughts of this morning (?):

Warning: there may not be anything phylosophical about this.

“Woah… I am making a character who is literally the opposite of me, and I am doing it in a respectful manner, without throwing shade at actual people who think like this. I deserve a reward.”

My reward was a six-pack of the cheapest beer I could buy.

Two hours later, when beer kicked in and my mind turned productive:

“HA! No plot hole can defeat me and alcohol combined.”

Back to the portal, when the effect of beer wore off.

“…It is Sunday. I should be studying, socialising…”

Yeah. I did not really do that… until I realised it was 3 p.m. and I still was in my bed clothes.

About to get my butt outside for a taste of real life.

“Mmm, I think it may a bad word too many. But is this considered a bad word in the English language?”

“I could ask someone, but what if they do not think of this word as a bad one when, in fact, it is?”

“I could ask Tyler? Nah, he has more important stuff to do. I will just… change the word. Better safe than sorry.”

“Screw this, Episode wrote “In My Bed!!!11!!!1one!!1!!”. Six curse words in a chapter are a blessing after that clusterfuck.”

Now, if you will excuse me, I need my weekly dose of socialising to be regarded as a healthy person :call_me_hand:t4:


This is something I say alllll the time :joy:

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My inner dialogue while revisiting stories I haven’t touched in months:
“Hey, this is pretty good.”

“Okay, maybe not so good.”

“Why the fuck did I write that?!”


Me, looking for this one particular background that delayed my writing process for two or three days:
-Oh, this background might work… nah, I can’t put a counter overlay in front of it, so forget that.
-Why does this person’s drive have literally EVERYTHING except for a coffee shop background?!
-Ooh, this is THE ONE!!! It’s PERFECT!! Bless the person who created it! I— oh, wait, I can’t personalize the decor to fit my story because there’s no room on the walls… and what if the background creator doesn’t allow her bgs to be edited?
-Okay, fine, I’ll just edit an Episode background, then…
-Ah, just what I was looking for! It looks great! (After editing an Episode background)

Other thoughts:
-Eh, I don’t like this story description… with a description like that, who’s going to read my story?
-Hmmm… I’m not really convinced that this is the right way to start my story…
-Why does it keep saying that there’s a { on line 37 that’s missing a matching }??
-I need some music in this scene, but I don’t know what to pick… let’s just listen to all the music tracks on the portal.
-Why isn’t that overlay showing up??!!

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! #lazy type this part later
! #this too

! The author really needs to get her act together

! # my beta is going to enjoy this
! # this too

! “how the fk did I code this”
! “why fk did I code this”
! “Ugh”
! “Is this scene REALLY necessary. Like REALLY REALLY?”
! “He’s wearing the same outfit as last episode. No one will notice”


You’re fucking welcome.


“This is good.”
“No no no, that wouldn’t look right… let’s try this instead.”
“Let me turn down the volume, see if the music is right.”
“Will this outfit work?”
“Why would I write that?”
“Let me erase this.”

And so much more. I have a habit of talking to myself


I was torturing a character today.

“Poor baby. It will be over soon, I promise.”