Things that you have said/thought while working on your story!

This is iconic.


When my overlays are getting rebellious (even though I know the codes are correct), I kind of feel like a betrayed, disappointed mother.
I mean, hello! I made you. This is the least that you owe me.
So I guess I kind of talk to them like:

“Oh, really Overlayname2? You’re taking after Overlayname1, huh?”

“Look! Overlayname can do it, so why can’t you!?”

“You know what, Overlayname? I didn’t expect this from you. Not today.”

“If you’re going to keep behaving this way Overlayname1, then I might have to bring Overlayname2 instead. So pull it together.”

I guess I shouldn’t write over a long period of time, as it kind of turns me into this crazy person.