Things That You Want To Do For Others

What are some things that you want to do for others who are struggling?


  • At least plan something for homeless people. Have ABANDONED buildings being a new look, or (well u know) having this new look, as a shelter and a home for all homeless people.

  • Save all animals who are on the streets and care for them.

  • Cleaning environmental areas that are polluted, and put up signs for others to follow.


Ban homework


I want to be able to somehow provide easier access to education to those who don’t have it readily available.

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This is a good point!

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Education today is trash

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When I’m older I want to be a volunteer at an animal shelter :two_hearts:


Depends on where you live. The education system is pretty messy in the US, and the pressure doesn’t help. But sometimes, I think back to some things. We had this presentation at school about how a lot of girls in South Asia are forced to drop out of school, not getting any real access to education.


Help all the students who are incredibly stressed. The average high schooler in America the same anxiety levels as someone who was in a psych ward in the 1950s.

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bc the education system is shite

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Sums up my school experience. I have dyscalculia.

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