Things To Do In Your Life

As you’re getting older, what are some things that you still want to do in your life? Help animals? stop pollution? helping the homeless? now this could be volunteering work, so yeah.


I wanna help stop climate change.


boom, number 1.


For me, there is a lot that I want to do, such as:

_ Photography
_ Learning to budget
_ Checking on family members, don’t often talk a lot.
_ Drive
_ Improve speaking
_ helping my mom with house stuff and other things
_ Healthy eating
_ Preventing Climate Change and Spreading Awareness
_ Doing volunteering work. ( helping animals, people, etc. )
_ Exercise
_ Getting more closer to God, yes I’m Christian.
_ Learn how to swim.

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Master French
Master Italian
Produce TV shows/films
Be actively involved in politics
Visit my parent’s hometown
Publish a novel
Make a difference in the world, no matter how small

Yeah, idk how to drive either even though I have a license, I don’t have the time/resources to learn, I just take the bus, I’m probably going to reach my 60s with no idea how to drive :joy:


lol same here just walk or catch bus for me in my country, these bus drivers are crazy so no bus, just get a ride.



  • Save more
  • Manage my time
  • Being more social
  • Reading up about politics
  • Just doing well in uni in general
  • Learn Dutch
  • Improve singing
  • More volunteering roles
  • Mental health


  • Open a dog shelter
  • Start a fashion line
  1. Help stop famine in less developed areas of the planet
  2. Mental health awareness in my community coz it’s not taken seriously
  3. Contribute to world peace coz the antagonism is too much
  4. Take a self defence class
  5. Travel the world

I just want to be happy and enjoy life the most. So that are the things I really want :))

But a couple of things I really want to do:

  • travel around the world
  • get my degree and study more
  • have a driver’s licence (because someone, aka me, is procrastinating).
    These things are some short term goals
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