Things to prevent while writing a story

So here are the things you should prevent doing it while writing a story

  • Very Short Episodes
    It’s okay if the first 4-5 episodes are short but the other episodes must be longer because if they weren’t long the readers will start feeling like they are wasting their passes.

  • Choices that don’t matter
    to be clear for example
    you want to say something to someone and the author gives you two choices whether to say or not and lets say I picked “Say” the character was about to say and something interrupted and the character couldn’t say it…try making choices that matter but don’t make choices that change the whole story what I’m trying to say is that make choices that matter but in reality its not really affecting your story.

  • Copying Stories
    Don’t make a story that is very similar to another story, for readers they think this story doesn’t have something different than other stories.

  • Easy Common Words
    When writing a story you must let the readers feel the story and by that I mean use hard and not common words that make us say to the writer is very good at describing or writing for example
    Instead of saying Small you can say pocket-sized.

  • Same mistake
    Its okay if you are new and have got mistakes but that means you need to improve yourself and not just keep making the same mistakes and always try to do your best.

  • No Events
    Don’t make a whole episode of just how a character spends its day you need to add more interesting events or scenes don’t make a plain dull episode.

  • Same scene/event
    Also, dont make a whole episode of just one event for example
    You are going to the beach or doing something doesn’t make the whole episode on that one event ok you went to the beach and you are done then you went back and then you have to add a new event

  • Same Outfits
    Don’t make outfits choices every time with the same outfits you have to change the outfits everytime

  • Blurry Backgrounds
    When uploading backgrounds to your Art catalog try making it very clear for the readers

Thats it, I’m sure there are more but I think those are the most IMPORTANT if I remember more I’ll add.
I’m sorry if there are any spelling/Grammar mistakes I’m not in the mood to edit


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