Things you appreciate that makes a story better when it comes to coding

I really love it when a story is well coded.

Here are some things I like:

  • Usage of zooming in various ways
  • Placing objects in front of the scene (ex. bushes in front of characters)
  • Placing dynamic objects (ex. leafs falling from a tree)
  • Having fuzzy backgrounds when the narrator/main character is speaking
  • Character points

What do you guys like?


Other than the usual “no obvious mistakes in the published episode”…

  • Zooms that make conversation scenes a little more dynamic (includes over-the-shoulder scenes)
  • Spots rather than default screen positions
  • Overlays that contribute to the plot and reduce the need for narration (eg. arm and hand overlays)
  • Using zooms to make good use of the animations (from simple ones like zooming on the character’s top half so they can use standing talk animations while they’re supposed to be sitting, or more complex tricks like zooming in on a fist and pretending it’s a subtle fist-clench, etc)
  • Finding/making overlays and backgrounds that are relevant for the scene rather than just using defaults or narration, even if the art isn’t 12/10, as long as I can easily figure out what’s happening

Maybe I’ll add more if I think of them lol.

I like it when people use tappable overlays! One author, @Marshmallow_O, made a story called,”Mystery on Hanging Hill Lane.” It’s an amazing story and there are so many tappable overlays. You should check it out!

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