Things you do that you think other people don’t

What is something you do that you think other people don’t? I’ll start!

Sometimes instead of saying “Uh oh!” I say, “Ooh, ooh!” It sounds like this: “Uw, Uw.”

Situation Example: I messed something up!
“Ooh, ooh. What did I do?”

LOL :joy:

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idk, i make up situations in my head. i started doing it when someone made me angry (which isn’t a very hard thing to do) and i would imagine something violent.

but it makes me calm thinking of like-…movies when i’m in a car listening to my music. this isn’t very abnormal, but i do it often to random things.

and if i see something in a movie, i create these fake characters and build a whole story.
or, i just have random ideas in the middle of the day and do as said above. sometimes, i get ideas from my bad nightmares.

tbh, I’d have such good stories on wattpad💀

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