Things you don't like

If I am posting this in the wrong place, please tell me!

 Feel free to talk here about things you just can not stand. Either in daily life or Episode stories. What do you consider overused or unrealistic? Everything from speech, to habits, eays of thinking, behavior. Everything! I want to know all of it.
  I don't want to bust my butt working on a story that is full of annoyances. I am not the smartest person, I do not get out much, and I'm not very social. So tell me about racist/sexist microaggressions that many people may or may not be aware that they are doing. Let it all out!
 Also, tell me what you want to see more of. What is underrated and underrepresented in our world?

 I want to say that nothing posted under this will be overlooked and no one is to discredit another user for any reason, thank you.


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Stories where you can tell the whole plot from the title, description, first chapter


Ok so things I don’t like (on episode stories)

  1. This sounds ridiculous but when there’s no . At the end of a sentence it just freaks me out! Or:
    Blabla , Blabla
    Nonono that gap is freaking me out it’s
    Blabla, Blabla

  2. Long episodes. After a time I‘ll just tap to the end.

  3. I hate when there is something happening that is soo unrealistic. I don’t mean like Vampires or something like that. Just when something happens that really didn’t go with.

  4. I don’t like too long intro and outros for EVERY EPISODE. Ecspecially when the episodes are short.

  5. Too cliche. A lil bit is ok and everyone does it but you know when it is too basic the story will never be remembered again.

  6. I don’t like when stories contain big and many bugs it just gives me the impression that the writer did not put much effort in it AND when your writing a story you should ! No offense I mean they don’t do this on purpose but just proofread it .

  7. Literally just talking or less talking.
    We need thoughts e.t.c.
    We need action !

  8. Same animations all the time. Just annoying.

  9. Rude or offensive Authors. Do I have to explain this ?

  10. No customization. Limited is ok.

  11. Just when the story plot is not good.
    We won’t enjoy.

  12. More than 1 love interest.

  13. No choices. It could be just one per episode thats enough I mean why is it called Episode choose your story ?

Yeah that’s it I think. I sure forgot something.
I am sorry if offended someone it’s just my opinion :heart:


Same @alessiafahana there are too many authors that don’t know how to end a sentence properly. They will use either no end mark or they use “-”. That should only be used if the sentence is getting cut off, not as an alternative to a period.


Omg thought I was the only one haha😂.

No way! I completely understand if English isn’t your first language, but you can tell the difference between language issues and the author pushing to make it more dramatic.


Classic would like to have a word with you. :joy:


Hahahahah but I actually changed my mind I think no customization is completely fine. :slight_smile:

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Same. My story has no customization because I’m lazy and dumb :cowboy_hat_face:

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I have a few, but I’m gonna summary them so it’s not like a mile long post LOL.

1.) Bad grammar:


Like listen, I totally understand that not everybody is going to be a linguist. With that said, at least go over your work and make sure there aren’t careless errors. i.e: Missing words, run on sentences, and stupid things like “it” instead of “is.” Your grammar doesn’t have to be perfect and nobody is expecting it to be perfect, but it’s really important to have either a friend or yourself proofread to avoid small mistakes.

2.) Uncomfortably fast pacing:


This one is probably my biggest pet peeve with stories. Although, that’s pretty vague so I think this one requires a little bit of explaining: What I mean with “fast pacing” is when the plot is moving far too fast for comfort. For example, say in the first episode we learn MC’s whole life story, they meet the love of their life, their parents kick them out, and they’re now a vampire for some reason. Everything is just hurtled at you all in one go and it’s hard to digest. If a story doesn’t somewhat take their time, I’ll just click off and stop reading entirely.

3.) Art scenes that are clearly traced:


I have a whole set of issues with art scenes to begin with, mostly that I find them awkward af, but I digress. What really grinds my gears though is seeing a piece of traced art being included in a story. I totally get it, not everybody can afford $150 art but art scenes don’t need to be included for a story to be good! I’d prefer to not have art scenes at all than to have a traced piece of art featured as a DIY/cheaper alternative.

4.) Pineapples:


Yeah, I really felt the need to include that :running_woman:

5.) Toxic LI’s or a perfect MC:


Pretty common criticism, but obviously don’t make the LI a total piece of abusive/toxic poo. I understand that the “bad boy turned good” trope is used a lot & I’d be lying if I said I totally disliked it. However, it’s super important to document their change and that’s where a lot of authors totally miss the mark. It shouldn’t be a case of one minute they absolutely hate the MC, then the next they’ve suddenly had a change of heart. Its super important to make sure there’s events leading up to the change, and implement the change as naturally as possible.

I have a lil bit less to say about this, but I hate it when MC’s are just portrayed to be this ‘perfect’ being. You’re portraying your characters as human, they’re naturally going to have flaws and imperfections. Humanizing your character makes them both more likable and relatable. Plus, if they have an important flaw, you can expand off of it and spend the story fixing it.

6.) Forced romance:


I technically mean two things by this:

Scenario 1: When the author has a clear favoritism towards one of the LI’s and tries to sway the reader in the direction of their preferred LI. If you want only one, then only include one.

Scenario 2: Where there isn’t a lot of chemistry or sparks between the MC and LI, yet they keep forcibly progressing it in a way that seems especially unnatural.

7.) Unnatural relationships between LGBTQIA+ characters:


P self explanatory. Also,for the love of Pete, I beg authors to stop using offensive stereotypes for gay characters. They can be portrayed as real people too, they’re not always overly feminine or overly masculine.

This really goes for any character really, leave offensive stereotypes out of the mix entirely.



Consent is SUPER important in any episode story. I’ve seen a lot of scenes that come across as less than consensual but are then later explained as “the MC was secretly hoping it would happen anyway.” If the MC is saying no then the LI should be taking the “no” seriously. Although the MC might have been thinking they wanted it, the LI isn’t a mindreader and can’t know for sure what they’re thinking. So, it’s important to make sure your scenes are coming across in a totally consensual way.

I feel like this sort of ties into what I said above, but it’s beyond annoying when an author uses a traumatizing experience such as sexual abuse/assault as a way to push the plot. There are SEVERAL other ways to go about pushing the plot, but often times authors mention the assault once and then never mention or refer back to it again, so it contributes nothing to the story except drama.

9.) Lack of diversity:


Another really obvious criticism, but it drives me up a wall when a cast is all white. Have some diversity, you know? And I mean true diversity, not a POC once every 3 scenes; actual important POC characters that actively contribute to the story.

10.) Pity LGBTQIA+ love interests:


This should also be pretty self explanatory, but it’s super annoying when an author only adds a same-sex LI just to be able to say they have LGBTQIA+ options. Don’t get it twisted, only having 1 is no big deal if that’s what you wanna do; it’s when there’s clearly no effort added to the character and the character has been sloppily thrown together.

11.) Toxic alpha males/not enough regular guys:


Don’t get this wrong either, an alpha male can make for a good character but sometimes it’s refreshing to have just a normal/sweet guy as a LI. They don’t always need to be some buff, bad attitude having man who will beat the crap out of anyone that makes them mad.

12.) When the MC has no repercussions for their actions:


This sort of ties in with the MC being “perfect” but I wanna expand on it a little. I think it’s important to show the consequences of bad actions. It’s pretty often that I see a MC’ that will do some really bad things and barely have any repercussions for it. I know one can argue that it’s only an episode story, but in almost every situation a bad action results in bad consequences and it’s often left out.

13.) MC’s that are doormats:


Not every MC has to be some sweet, naturally submissive character. If that’s how you want them to be then by all means go for it, but a lot of MC’s lack any and all back bone and allow the LI to treat them badly. They don’t need to be insanely outspoken or rude, but not all MC’s need to be a princess waiting to be rescued.

14.) When being attractive make serious issues okay:


I promise that this is my last annoyance! However, a lot of authors spread the idea that if a LI is super hot, nothing they do can be seen as bad. Say, the MC says no to being kissed and they do it anyway, lots of time it’s classified as okay just because of their looks and being an “alpha.” However, if the same thing happened in a club with a less than attractive character, it’s then somehow abuse. Like, excuse me?? Abuse is abuse, you can’t say ones okay just because the character is conventionally attractive.

Ight, ima head out now :running_woman:


I cannot stand when somebody hovers over you, like “what ya dong buddy?”
I also cannot stand hugs, it’s weird they make me feel so claustrophobic.
TINY HOLES :scream:
I hate when some guys think a women is meant to be a stay at home mom do dishes, laundry, and be at your beckon call. UMMMM No.
Oh and Butterflies. Those little demon bugs. Scare the %^$@ out of me.


I really can not stand dumb MCs. Ones that make the DUMBEST decisions that get them into situations that could easily be avoided. It one thing if the MC does something dumb once because its what kicks of the stories plot, but when they continue to do dumb things I just can’t read the story anymore because it makes my blood boil.


YES OMG. People should start giving us the choice of skipping intros or outros if they know its long.


On thing I HATE is long intros, I want to read a story not spend my time waiting and waiting for it to start

Or when a character takes long to walk to a spot on the screen, it shouldn’t take you 5 whole seconds to walk like 3 feet

Also dont like anti climactic episodes. It’s nice when a story gets you in suspense or catches you offgaurd every once in a while



When authors use athletes, dancers, and cheerleaders as mean people. It is one of my pet peeves! I also don’t like the story called Jaded Love. Haha sorry, it’s one of the stories that I can’t stand so far. I also don’t like it when the female character is way older than his male love interest (doesn’t have to be the MC and LI, might be the supporting characters in the story). An example of it is the character Addison who fell in love with Carson who is 7 years her junior from the story called ‘Raising Daisy’. It’s just a turn-off to me. Supposedly, it’s a good story but I have to stop because I can’t stand watching or reading those massive age gap couples. I’m sorry for making some others feel that they are bashed but I can’t help it if I need to vent these off. However, @XiaoMao I am grateful that you have started this post so I can be able to express how I feel about encountering these scenarios.

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If they are adults, it’s not a big age gap.

Plus, men don’t have to be older than woman in a relationship.

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