Things you dont want to see in a Paranormal Romance

Can you guys give me a list of things you dont want to see in a Paranormal Romance!

I’ll try to help.
Since it’s a romance, it’s preferred that there are no “bad boys” or “pregnancy” unless ABSOLUTELY necessary. I’m serious, people would agree with me. Try to make it unique, that’s all I’m saying. :slightly_smiling_face:
Hm…it’s a paranormal romance? It’s quite interesting, if you tell me what’s it about, maybe I’ll be able to help you even more. :thinking:


Well, I’m not sure what others wouldn’t like but I generally don’t prefer paranormal romance stories where all the characters are paranormal. It can be fun to play the “normal” character and learn about the paranormal world and/or eventually become a part of it. Already being in it, at least in the first story makes me feel like I missed out on a ton of background.

I do wish they would make it its own category because it’s not quite Fantasy and it’s not all romance.


That sounds good! And I would just put it in the romance section if it’s mostly romance.

Thanks! The main story isn’t but the individual love interests routes are mainly romance so I think your category suggestion is great-totally didn’t think about it!

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Thanks for the feed back dually noted!
I also hate pregnancy storied
~Lana Augustine :heart_eyes_cat:

Yes so true paranormal and fantasy are completely different!
~Lana Augustine :kissing_cat:

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