Things you hate while reading episode stories?

i was just saying there’s no perfect story out there that has everything everyone wants in it :woman_shrugging:t2: authors don’t owe anyone CC, same how readers don’t owe anyone a read.


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For me, it’s toxic girl-on-girl hate. Like when the main character needs to prove she’s just “not like other girls” and it’s so awkward.


Thank you, @Jvxllee :heart:

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these are things that bug me when reading community stories with extreme details.

i genuinely cannot STAND when authors make you pay for outfits. i understand authors want to get their story out there but why can’t you just do skip the wait and support me gems? i genuinely don’t care about making other choices but i atleast like to pick the outfit. on one of my favorite author’s new stories, she wanted you to pay to change hair and lip color, like really :neutral_face:. outfits, hairstyle and lip color should be free. i had my usual lip color on and then the author changes it mid story to red for one event and the next outfit change she wanted you to pay to change it so i was stuck with red lips for the rest of the story. and she had the audacity to make her story skip the wait every three episodes along with making you pay for art scenes. and she still asks for support me gems like???

limited customization. the only limited customization i don’t care about is not being allowed to change the eye color but not being able to change the skin and hair color bugs me. unless the hair color is VERY significant to the story like a story like burning waves(love that story btw). anyway, i do not care if my character does not match art scenes or overlays.

this may be insignificant and dumb to some people but i hate when people give latinos (hispanics) italian or latin (latin like the old latin language) last names. russo, salvatore, romano, etc. like you know that’s an italian last name right? i also hate fake names. i was reading a story and the author created fake latino names for nearly every single character and it makes me cringe cause a lot of these names are not real and they’re not even real words in spanish like bro just look up latino first and last names. an example is salenzo, not a real name and it looks like lorenzo which is an italian name and you’re using it for a latino? she was literally combining italian, hispanic and latin names. you don’t have to make up fake words that sound like spanish so the characters can have badass names. she tried so hard to create fake names that sound latino.

i hate it when characters think out loud. example: “oh i should go investigate.” stuff like that. when they make the characters talk to themselves too much, especially guys, it’s just weird to me. i don’t know a single man that would say out loud, “hmmm i should go find her.” like what? i might just be extremely biased but i like realistic dialogue if it wasn’t obvious😭sometimes people do think outloud, yes, like i have heard and said myself, “where the hell is she?” but things that people would never say outloud is what i don’t like.

in stories with two LI, i hate when there’s no little choices that you can make to say which LI you’re currently liking more. i hate the whole, “i like them both,” i’m in love with both,” stuff. i hate it when the mc sleeps with both and has to choose like that’s so trashy why you playing with their feelings?

too many storylines amongst every single character. i hate seeing a romance or drama storyline amongst the siblings, the friends, the parents, that’s too much. i prefer when they stick to the mc, li, antagonist storyline. it doesn’t interest me when they show the best friend’s relationship storylines.

hate stereotypical fruity gay characters. not all gay people are this perception some authors have. representation is great but i hate when they make all lesbians dress masculine and flirt with every girl character then vice versa for gay guys cause majority don’t flirt with everyone irl.

pairing up way too many characters with eachother. i read a story where the author made sure every single friend of the mcs were in a relationship and basically all dating eachother and it just bugged me because i guess it was way too perfect? i guess? and unrealistic. there was 7 paired couples by the end of the story and all of them besides the mcs formed within the same ten episodes consecutively and i just don’t like that. it’s okay for characters to be single lol.

when family customizations are limited. like why would the mc who is in her early 20’s parents look like they’re pushing 70 and you’re telling me i can’t even change the damn wrinkles? what is up with teenager’s parents looking like they’re old enough to be their grandparents like ??? with white or grey hair like what ???

in gangster stories, mafia is italian, cartel is in latinoamérica. yes at the end of the day, it’s fiction it’s fake it’s not real yeah yeah, but please learn the difference between cartel and mafia. the italian mafia focuses more on financial crimes and grand theft auto kind of stuff whereas the latino cartels and gangs focus more on drugs and a lot of the time, trafficking and they’re wayyyyy more ruthless. mexican and colombian mafia is not a thing. they’d be called cartels. mafias do not call themselves apart of that either. they’re just seen as powerful people and or families in italy or russia. i read a story where it should’ve been called a cartel and the mc narrated, “this is the mafia life.” ouuuu i cringed so hard lmao

unrealistic disney channel dialogue and phrases.

fast paced

how almost every li was a manwhore before the mc. normalize making the li a nice boy instead of a womanizer with over 100 bodies :smile:

poor grammar.

realistic dialogue specifically for guys. sometimes it’s so obvious that it’s a girl speaking through the dialogue guy characters have. no straight man would say outloud, “i think i’m in love with her?!? :fearful:

wayyyyyy too much narration. like so much that you literally ask yourself, “when the hell is this scene gonna be over?”

i just really don’t like things that are not realistic and don’t make sense. i know a lot of people reading this will think, “you care about the dumbest things.” maybe i do but it’s an opinion. there’s a story where the mc is 1/4 black, her dad is half black and her mom is fully white. the dad doesn’t even have curly hair which isn’t realistic itself cause 99% half black people have curly if not wavy hair. so tell me how the daughter/mc has nearly afro like curly hair? yes i’m aware of recessive genes but it’s sooo unrealistic. so unrealistic since she’s only 1/4 black. she looks more black than her dad does and she’s technically not even black like that makes no sense. her hair should be wavy at most but okay…

there’s this story where the mc said in the beginning that she was 5’3 then towards the end of the story, she becomes a model like victoria’s secret model? that makes no sense.

making characters act like they’re badass mid story because they’ve intertwined themselves with the mafia or the cartel.

giving cheaters chances. this story i love had the mc’s friend who was engaged having an affair w a married man who was also the li’s father and she left her fiancé for said married man with a son. she got pregnant and everyone was so supportive of the cheating father and the friend and they even started a relationship out of it and nobody cared at all about what that did to the li’s mother. the mother stayed friends with the dad but it pissed me off like hell nah i would’ve kicked them to the curb and said screw you. the mc even narrated that she deserved a happy ending??? the cheater and homewrecker that ruined a marriage do not deserve the fairytale ending sorry not sorry. i was giving them both dirty looks through the screen during the mc and li wedding seeing them together looking all happy like :face_with_raised_eyebrow::face_with_raised_eyebrow:

the innocent prude who can’t even say the word sex. my god i cringe at those types of characters.

this doesn’t particularly bug me but i cant help but snicker when this happens. when there are art scenes of teenager characters and they look like they’re grown ass adults in their mid to late 20s. the girl having triple D cups and the guy having a sharp jawline and a ripped body at 17 is funny lol.


I hate it when:

  • The story has no customization or limited customization.

  • The story has no music.

  • The story is so slow and it’s going nowhere and I’ve noticed this with some stories.

  • The main characters have athletic bodies, and body type selection should be added more.

  • The story uses a trope that has been used so many times before.

  • It’s a mafia story.

  • It’s a fake romance or enemies to lovers story.

  • The MC and LI are constantly arguing with each other.

  • The MC or LI has freckles and can’t be removed. Freckles should be a customizable feature, BTW.

  • The story has an underwhelming ending.

  • The LI (if male) proposes to the MC (if female) and the story ends there.

  • The story has an unfair points system.


I largely agree, but I could take or leave customization. Mostly I just want freckles and beauty marks to be part of character features instead of being parts of an outfit. That way we’d be able to add the directly instead of adding them to every outfit of a specific character or making outfit duplicates just to give readers the choice of having them or not.


Had to think long and hard about what really makes me leave a story because I consider myself pretty tolerant when I see potential for something good.

What makes me leave a story off the bat (<5 chapters in):

Hegemonic main cast - I’m at this point in my life where I really can’t be bothered with a non-diverse, two-dimensional cast

No one over the age of thirty who isn’t a parent (or expecting) - a subset of the aforementioned point. I’m probably in the minority of millions of readers, but I like to read about ADULTS who have various ADULT issues and act like ADULTS in confrontation!

Military, government, and/or fascist propaganda - you would be surprised at how pervasive this is on the app

Severe pacing issues - if it’s the end of the second episode, and I know everything there is to know about everything so I’m wondering what the next forty-eight chapters are really there for OR I’m five chapters in and have no sense of the plot, atmosphere, environment, or characters

Cruelty to sex workers - this one is so specific. I don’t expect many writers or readers on this platform to understand the nuances and intricacies of the sex work industry; but so many in-story jokes revolve around slut shaming or whorephobia or simply the policing of other peoples’ bodies that maybe y’all should have to take an introductory class on the violent history of sex, sex work, and consent in your country

Uncritical writing - it doesn’t have to be your grand message to society; but you can feel when a writer is writing just to write vs. when a writer is writing with a purpose, y’know?

Mammies™️ and Magical Negroes™️ - do your Black characters only exist to teach, heal, guide, die for, parent, or otherwise assist your non-Black characters on their path to enlightenment? Do you never acknowledge their talents, struggles, lives, wants, and desires? If so, you lost me

What makes me leave a story I’m already invested in (>10 chapters in):

Glorification of violence - is the solution to the proposed question genocide? Is war a “necessary evil”? Is torture seen as an effective and ultimately harmless way of reaching a goal? Does the death of dozens merely serve as a catalyst for romantic tension to surface between your main characters? Nah, I’m good! Kinda ties into my point about fascist propaganda, but it’s generally a theme that unveils itself slower over the course of a story

Stagnancy - it has been months since the last turn of events; there is no foreseeable action; the current plot line isn’t interesting me. I’m human, and I get bored

Author’s message is different from what I imagined - I thought the story was saying something it wasn’t. It’s not always a bad thing, but on the occasion that it is, I’m not forcing myself to read anything

Every scene becomes the main character and love interest flirting - I usually shy away from Episode romance stories because seldom is much else being explored besides the chemistry of two characters, and it’s difficult to build a formidable plot on chemistry alone. I don’t find that the most memorable story romances actually come from romance stories; and even when they do, it’s because the romance and characters themselves are a metaphor for something greater