Things You Love In Episode Stories


There are too many threads for explaining what people don’t like in Episode stories, so I decided to make one for things you actually really like in them. So, comment any things you really like when they’re added to an Episode story, no matter how little.

For me, I rather enjoy when they have realistic situations and actual consequences for the characters’ actions.


I like good dialogue… and the covers!!! :grin:


I like advanced directing & confidence within ones work. If an author is confident in what they put out, I sure as hell am confident too. :joy::joy::heartbeat: btw thanks for making this thread !


I love when character customization is weaved into the story line, like just after we get a bit of an intro to the story


I like when my choices have an impact. There doesn’t need to be multiple endings or anything, but I like when choices influence scenes or character interactions.

I find creative directing really impressive. I can still enjoy a story with basic directing, but I love when a story just has that “wow” factor with the directing.


Apart from smooth directing and no grammatical errors, I love a gripping plot—one that’s full of twists and turns, and keeps you at the edge of your seat. I like it when characters are real, likable and they blend into the story, showing their personality bit by bit, rather than being narrated all at once by the author. I’ve also come to realize the important role that humor plays in a story. When an author keeps even a somber situation lively with jokes and humor, it enhances the experience altogether.


I love funny and/or relatable characters. Like @aprilish said, jokes and humour always make a story better and usually make me want to continue the story.


Great characters! I just can’t get enough of well fleshed-out characters. Or excellent world-building. I’ve seen some stories with that “wow” factor on Episode and I hope to find many more.

Also, I love earlgreytea’s stories (particularly Death’s Game and Back and Forth). I don’t exactly know why, but her style of writing is really refreshing to read for me :blush: So a refreshing style has become a must now.


I appreciate those good consensual relationships :ok_hand:t5:


I’d like to specify that I was talking about the original version of Back and Forth and not the one currently on the featured shelf. They made changes to it that really took away from the style that really drew me to the story in the first place. So I recommend reading the original (maybe through Youtube let’s plays?) instead of the new version :blush:


NOOOO, why would they do something like this?? I loved the original version and I was glad they finally featured a good story. Now I’m not sure I will read the new version, I don’t want to get disappointed (again).


I love absolutely agonizing choices. Those ones where you just sit there for a few minutes because you know this choice matters but you don’t know which one is the “right” choice for the path you want to go on. Choices that make you suffer for a little while and leave you with a sense of dread afterward. As a writer myself, I can always appreciate other authors’ sadism.

Healthy relationships built on mutual trust that work at a realistic pace are also nice.


I knoooow… :pensive: It’s not a full blown change, a lot of things were kept… but it’s deeeefinitely a different style and far from being as great as the original. It really sucks considering that I wanted to replay the original story so badly and never got around to doing it. Now I just can’t find it anywhere :disappointed_relieved:


They massacred my boy :’(


Wow, this is weird. I still have the original version in my Favorites, but I can’t find it either if I check earlgreytea’s profile or search for it. I don’t know how to share it, but I added the story to my Recommended list, maybe you can reach it from there if you would like to.


Oh, right! :open_mouth: I forgot about the Recommended lists! Thank you, I hope Episode doesn’t catch up on that and delete the original story all together. I’m going to replay it right about now!


In a story I like when female characters aren’t necessarily all feminine and perfect like damn princess, same goes for males.


Good choices, music (for some reason I love Episode music), when I can choose my sexuality, original storylines, unique settings, etc!


I don’t see this often, but I like it when I can’t immediately tell who the love interest is supposed to be, and it unfolds slowly and naturally.


I like comedic scenes in stories, especially if they’re unexpected. Good, clean humor, not overly graphic stuff.
Choices that matter and actually make you doubt before choosing. (I’m not really good at writing these types of scenes, but I love seeing them in stories.)
Unexpected plot twists.
Unique characters.