Things You Love In Episode Stories

  • Relatable characters
  • Interactive choices
  • A great plot
  • Cliffhangers (don’t overuse!)
  • Realistic situations
  • Great characters!
  • Unique storylines
  • Music pieces I love “music_morosebellpiano”!
  • When the characters are not stereotypes
  • A villain that you love to hate :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: :grin:
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Hm I just realized I posted into this thread months ago, but I was totally off-topic and I never answered the original question.

First of all I love well-written, unique characters. I love when I get to know their personalities and motivations from their behaviour, from the way they speak and what they say, and not through some long narration. Also, character development: the kind when someone has an actual reason to revalue their actions, but the change seems to be realistic and doesn’t happen all of sudden.

I love plot twists and although I prefer to have some idea about the story line at the very beginning, I like when some details stay unrevealed for a while and the author keeps some questions open and lets me guessing where the story is going.

I love humour in any kind of story if the jokes are well delivered, so they don’t seem to be forced but blend in the scene/ dialogue. I love realistic dialogues in general. I’m always glad to read conversations that are going somewhere, and even if the author refers to things I don’t know yet about, I still clearly see she/he has an actual purpose with the dialogues and they are not only added to make the chapter longer.


I really appreciate a story with advanced directing/coding. I love it when authors make special overlays and spend a lot of time animating them :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:
Another thing I like in a story is a strong, independent MC. I see many female MCs who seem incapable of doing something on their own and who always rely on other people - forget about that, I want to see a woman standing up for herself and not be afraid of doing things herself :metal:t4:

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