Things you love while reading episode stories?

On my last topic, we discussed the many things we hated to see while we read episode stories but let’s spread some love back and talk about the things we love while reading episode stories!

I’ll go first,

  • Full customization
  • Comedic relief character
  • No gem choices
  • Good directing
  • Characters with actual personalities
  • Rockstar stories (adore them)

Your turn!


good directing, good narration, meme humor, and also rockstar stories lol


omg can u recommend some good ones?

Metalicious writes really good ones. I like Unvirtured and Thank God It’s Friday by her.
On Tour (Ink) by S.M Murphy was really funny and cute.
Dream on Fire (Ink)

I have two of them in LL. DD: Connected by Fate and Melody of Your Heartbeat (although the MC doesn’t become a rockstar until the last 10 episodes).

If you happen to have any recommendations for me, I’d love to check them out. Been looking for new ones.

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Thank you!! My recommendations for rockstar stories are “Rockstar in my bed” by Heli and “HATE YOU” by cpc. I’m currently reading the second one right now so I can’t give a full opinion but, I like the directing.