Things you should know when writing with Asian Characters

So I’ve been reading some story’s with Asian characters and I’m sitting here reading it like “An Asian person would never” so I just wanted to give you an meaningful lesson on if you are writing about Asians.

How we look

So… I’ve seen where y’all would make your character SUPER pale like Snow White watching Frozen in Canada type of white-

And NO! Please try to avoid this as much as you can, it is actually uncommon for us asians to have such light skin.

Yes some of do, but definitely not majority of us.
If you are going to make them have super pale skin, make them these cultures:

  • Japanese (Although some of them have skin colour that is from like light copper)

I’m serious though, I am almost fully Asian and I’m tan!
If you want skin tones for others, here they are:

  • Chinese (Don’t be surprised, they are more of light copper too)
  • Indonesian (Medium copper for sure, they can be so much darker)
  • Indian (They vary from many skin tones!)
    So that covers that but yeah, avoid Snow White skin.
  • Koreans (They have more of an olive color of skin, that’s what I’ve heard!)

Omg, biggest stereotype ever!
WE DONT ALL HAVE SMALL EYES! Pleaseeee don’t make us have eyes were you literally cannot see the eyeballs because this is not true.
Over 75 percent of the asians I know have deep wide eyes, not including myself but surprisingly I get my small eyes from my German side of the family, the rest of my family has very wide eyes :eyes:

So I beggg of you, don’t make our eyes so tiny!
Also, we have barely any eyelashes, I hate to say this but we do.
It’s sad :cry:

Also, we actually do have some asians with blue eyes! It’s so beautiful :sob: I wish I had that!

Next/Last is HAIR!
We have such thick luscious hair!
It’s so hard to control and it honestly is mostly straight.
We have black hair or DARK brown hair, that’s it! And also some of us have blonde!
Also, most of us have longggg hair and it gets shorter as we get older.


We are either sassy or sweet, choose one, none in between, we can be spicy and full of attitude or we have those sweet asians who will literally do anything for you.

Food we like

Okay so this is what I SEE in my family and asians around me, I could be wrong.
We don’t usually eat pizza, or fast food, or McDonalds much at all.

But we also don’t crave rice and sushi and we don’t drink soya sauce.
Our food consist of pork, chicken, beef and more, pretty normal right?
We have these delicious buns full of meat and omg, my mouth is watering just at the thought of it!
Yes, we eat a lot of rice but it isn’t our daily day to day food, we also have other things like tofu, noodles, soup and more but we don’t usually like fast food.

I hope this sums it up for you and I hope you learned something about the Asian culture as well-
Please remember that I am also half german, Scottish and more so like I am not going to be a lord of Asians and know everything but I am very Asian, you would look at me and not even know I am German!
Please respect this topic and if I said something that maybe wasn’t right, please bring it to my attention.

To all Asians, if you would like to be tagged for anyone to contact you for help about maybe if they are writing a character who is Asian, PM me and I will do it in 2 seconds!

If you need any more help or information, you can contact the following!:

Thanks for reading, if you have any questions, let me know :wink:


Is there anything you’d like for us to know regarding ethics? Like work ethic, morals, the type you’d instill into children at a young age? :heart:


Thanks for the thread! :star_struck: I will definitely be making my character more accurate with this information! And I am also Scottish too.

Sensitive Topic, please be aware!

Well, I would just like to say that especially with coronavirus going around and how asia started it, that we do have some cultural behavior that we do that may not be… normal to other people.
We do eat some weird food like eels, chicken feet some odd fish and a few other things and yeah it may not be the MOST sanitary thing to do but not all Asians do this.

If your going to make an asian character also please realize that we can be pretty cultural, some of us stay to our Asian bubble and we don’t leave it and some of us go outside the bubble (Asian people who were raised in Asia at a young age and spent most of their life there will stay in that bubble commonly)

Also, if your Asian character was raised and born in America or somewhere other than Asia, they won’t usually pick up the Asian culture.

Also, we believe in ALOT! Some of us raised in asia believe in God a lot, some of us are Muslim, some of us believe in future tellers and more.

But yeah that sums it up, I hope this answers your question :))


Also, about work ethic, asians don’t really have a certain work area, a lot of the asians that I know are in business, engineering and more but it is pretty widely spread.


Thank you! Don’t worry, I’m well aware of all that :heart: Thanks again for answering my question!

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I mostly agree with you as an Asian myself. My meals are usually homemade Asian foods made by my mom who’s also Asian, the food isn’t usually very sweet. Sometimes it’s just a bunch of ingredients thrown into the pot until it just tastes good though :flushed:
I think attitude can depend though, it’s more affected by where you live rather than your roots, and a combination of the 2 (or more) is definitely possible.


Me eating things that were thrown in a pot rn!!! Lmao!!!


i’m so happy about this thread! i’m only half but my eyes took a massive mix of asian and european, they are pretty huge to some people (yes i’ve literally received comments like “your eyes are huge for an asian!”, even though they know i’m not fully one but of course they jump straight to conclusions) and i do have double eyelids

so as the original topic says



Thank you! I’m glad that you like this thread!!! It warms my heart.

Thank you for this thread :heartbeat:

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No problem! Glad I could help!

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Lots in the creative arts as well, which people always seem surprised to hear.


Not all are short and skinny

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Yup, your right. The amount of fascinating art they make is breathtaking!

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OMG! I forgot this one! Yes!!

Lol. We don’t all play the piano or are good at math?


P.S Asians can tell if another Asian is full Asian or not! Fun fact!

Lol! You keep noticing these!

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Just personal experience :woman_shrugging:t2:

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