Things you want to see in a story

what are some things that you would like to see in episode stories?

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  • Less romance, more action.
  • More sibling relationships
  • More MALE MC
  • Stories that spread awareness
  • MC is Superhero/ Villian Stories*

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If it’s a romance story, the option of polyamory

  • Strong Female MC with a back bone
  • Choices that matter
  • Romance not being shoved down our throats
  • Having an actually conversation instead of jumping to OMG s/he is kissing the mean girl that def means s/he’s cheating
  • Friends that don’t use you/ backstab you/ force you into a relation ship then complain that you are not spending all your freetime with them
  • Abuse whether sexual/psychical/mental be treated as a serious thing and not just plot connivance or the tragic backstory of the LI
  • Respect for personal space (don’t back me into a corner and think I won’t knock you TF out)
  • Mean girls having more personality than just being rich/popular/jealous/blonde
  • Having the MC think for themselves instead of doing whatever their parents/friends/LI/other people tell them to do
  • Sexual harassment being reported instead of oh their just teasing me

Sad endings pls😢