Things you wish you knew when getting started ! coding / tips

hi everyone! first time poster in the forums and I’m currently working on my first ever story. i’ve never worked with this coding before and i’m definitely struggling a little, i’ve been watching and reading tutorials from the actual episode site to youtube to these forums. it’s all a little overwhelming, and i thought it could be a good idea to ask people what they wished they knew as far as coding / tips goes when they first started? things that might make it a little easier or a little less overwhelming going into it, not just for myself but for anyone else who may just be getting into it too. :black_heart:


Hm, I can’t really think of anything that I wish I knew because it all just takes time. You have to be patient and just read guides (e.g. from Dara Amarie), ask other writers, watch Joseph Evan’s videos on YouTube…It took me around 1-2 months to learn the basics. I have been coding for almost two years now and I’m still learning so give it some time :blush:
I would also highly recommend to do an Episode related Instagram account if you haven’t yet and follow other artists/writer’s/readers, so you can help each other :smile:


I wish I would know from the start the difference between & and @ and how to use it properly and to know spot directing right from the start. It seems to me these 2 things improved my coding and the way how the scene looks the most.


Hey there! I made a topic some time ago that you might find helpful :blush: :tulip:
Writing an Episode story 101 - The key to success

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@Farah_DeSantis i haven’t even learned of the & aspect so this’ll be fun. :joy: spot directing has been my main priority to learn since i’ve realised the males start shorter and it’s definitely been a challenge!

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I wish someone taught me about using “does it while” earlier when it comes to making smooth walking animations Also I only recently learned about using effects like easeinout or easebounceinout


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