Things You Would Like In My Upcoming Story

Hey loves! I’m currently underway of writing a new episode story “Rock Star Madness” , but I would like to incorporate what you guys would want!
Here’s the description:
Aubrey, just starting off as a musician, is trying to overcome her fears and insecurities. What happens when the country’s most beloved skater enters into her world, and claims he has fears of fame too? Will Christopher be able to help Aubrey overcome her fears?
Please give feedback on the description!
Also, let me know what you guys do and don’t want in the story!
Lastly, I need ideas on how they can meet!

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    PS: If you want to PM me, feel free to, or reply here!

Invited a few people, because they are creative!


I’d honestly prefer if there weren’t the first cliche’s of love in first sight liking eachother immediately. And an idea of them meeting could be the singer walking somewhere and seeing him do something on his skateboard, like maybe running into someone or nearly getting hit by a car?


Totally agree, I’m trying to avoid all that first sight cliche stuff, and I love that idea. Thank you so much for sharing your opinion!


Not a problem. I look forward to seeing your story and its development!

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No clichés please! Like 90% of the people hate them and no love triangles please :slight_smile: It would be awesome if you could let the readers choose the gender of their live interest or the gender of the MC, that requires tons of work indeed but really impacts the story hugely and you have a chance to get more readers! The description is good and the plot is somewhat intriguing :smile: don’t forget to do an r4r or post your link, I’d love to check your story out! Happy writing!


Thank you for the amazing advice! xx

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Do they actually need to fall in love with each other? What if he/she is gay, for example, and they simply become besties, and it’s the skater’s friend, for example, who is the potential love interest? I just don’t want the story to fall in the immediate romance trap. The guy could also come to the dance auditions for her performances, for example.

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Agree with the immediate romance trap, and thank you for your creativity! Really appreciate it, xx :kissing_heart:

I totally agree with the love triangle thing you should add it but I think you should be the one to decide who MC’s gonna end up with :grin:


Sounds like a nice ish basic idea, because it’s a serious cliche and honestly sounds a bit childish like your making a Hanna Montana version lol (no offence, but the teenage pop star and love in first sight cliche sounds pretty childish)

It may be a bit extreme, but idk maybe they met in a therapist office’s waiting room and they both dealt with some pressure from the side of their show busyness jobs?

And I think a musician in progress that does it for the art might be a bit better than a teen pop star, and maybe after a while in the progress of the story she gets famous but starts as a small musician and music writer.

Just a few ideas, I really am coming from a good place


I love your honesty, and those ideas are so different, I love them. Thank you for really being honest and telling me the truth, because now that I look at it, I see what your saying! Thank you so much, and I will definitely tell you if I use your idea! :two_hearts:


Because I made your cover, aha, yes, it has a romantic theme. So how do they meet? I would maybe do a karaoke bar, and Aubrey’s there to try and overcome her fear before going to the agent? Then Christopher could walk in with a couple of friends and hears her sing. He could think like ‘Woah that voice is amazing!’ but maybe he can tell she’s nervous because her voice stutters a bit? Then because of Christopher’s success as a skateboarder, he can try and help her overcome her insecurities?

p.s sorry for the really long idea aha

Anisha Xx

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Seriously love that idea girl! Thanks so much, and I will definitely let yo7 know if I use this idea!:two_hearts:



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