Things you would never expect in an episode story

Hey guys,

So I know there’s a lot of threads about what you like or want in a story, but what are things you would never expect?

A good example for me would be love me black & blue, this honestly has a huge twist that as an episode reader you don’t really expect (i cried for hours), but i think the uncliche ending made it 10000x better.

Do you guys have any examples, or anything in general you wouldn’t expect from a story?

I think the most expected thing is the characters either getting pregnant, staying together, getting married etc


I won’t give spoilers but Meet You At Home killed me inside at the end.
I love plot twists and sad endings.


I do too! Lots of people complain about sad endings, but i think they put the whole story into perspective and it shows how much you really grew to love the characters! I love reading stories that make me cry.


I just go into “The Ruby Tiara” and I’m 2/3 done with it. I am quite surprised over the MC’s vow to hurt someone (no spoilers here, sorry). I have read other Wincy W. stories so they are expected surprises that are enjoyable.


I’ve not read this yet, but I’ve hear it’s good! I might start reading this


I think plot twist are incredible, and the story ending in a way you never thought it would is great… When done right, meaning, when it makes sense. Like, in Love Me Black & Blue I didn’t understand why they didn’t get together… Not because I wanted them to get together (I really didn’t), but because I didn’t make sense? I mean, they’re both unhappy (or not as happy as they supposedly could be together), and while the girl doesn’t have it that bad, because she’s into the guy she’s dating, the dude is in a relationship with a woman he hates just because they have a kid together? (which is a super unhealthy environment for that kid. I know there’s this whole thing in Episode where the parents of a kid are supposed to be together for the sake of the kid, but… No? Like, as a daughter of recently divorced parents, I wished my parents had gotten a divorce years ago, instead of putting my sister and me through their messed up relationship because they were clinging to a flawed idea of what a family should be.) Like, it could have made sense for them not to end up together, maybe if they could just never manage to actually forgive each other, and though they loved each other, each moment together hurt them cause the relationship was toxic, or whatever… But the way it ended, for me, it was just like the author wanted it to be a sad ending? Not because it made sense, not because she had something to say, but rather… Cause it was “sad”?

Anyway, onto your actual question :sweat_smile: I would never expect the following things:

  1. The parents of a new born baby not ending up together (:roll_eyes:)
  2. The MC not forgiving everyone for everything
  3. The side characters actually having a personality (and I’m not saying all of the characters, cause sometimes authors surprise you and give the main characters a personality beyond their cliché)
  4. More than two POC or LGBTQ+ main characters in a story without the story being super preachy (like, either the authors are totally clueless (and sometimes other things…)] about the issues of the world and end up including either one stereotyped or no POC/LGTBQ+ characters, or they end up only having “diverse” characters for the sake of preaching how “diverse” and “progressive” their story is, and how that makes them better than everyone else?)
  5. All of the problems not being magically resolved in the last chapter.
  6. The villain winning (Which, in some cases, would make for such a cool ending?)
  1. More than one LGBT+ character in a story, or even the MC being LGBT+ themselves. Also, making it explicit. Many characters never specify what they are.
  2. The antagonist(s) winning in the end, as well as the MC dying.
  3. The love interest(s) dying.
  4. The MC holding grudges and not forgiving the antagonist(s), or mean girl(s), or whatever.
  5. Mean GUYS!
  6. An MC over 40.
  7. The MC murdering the antagonist(s) and not feeling bad about it. Just does not give a single damn, and is glad they’re dead.

Sad endings.

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Shy/introverted MC staying tht way and going back to her “boring” modest clothing after being forced into a makeover

Couples not doing “it”(at all) and still having a cute relationship

MC drinks and BFF is on her like a hawk instead of makin out wth a rando

BFF and LI actually having depth and personalites

Dressing games tht have modest(or goth) outfits tht the MC or friends do not insult

MC actually liking school(and the uniforms)

Black characters/more hair choices tht are eqaully cute

A MC whos at least 20 something or 30

Active adult figures

Virgin MC who is not shamed

A fun night that doesnt include going out hooking up and/or getting drunk at a club or party

A “weak” female lead


The MC actually getting out of the toxic relationship at the end instead of getting back together with the cheating bad boy.

Characters actually dying from choices (extreme ones, obviously).

A bittersweet ending. It’s not perfect, but it’s some form of closure.

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CC in a non-cliche story jdfksjfdsfkls

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I agree so much on these. It’d really surprise me to see these in a story.

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I love all of these! It really does show how many stories use similar storylines, it’s interesting to see what other storylines could take place as well! I think the stories which are different really shine from the rest