Things you're looking for in a story

What are the 3 MOST important things that a story needs to have/include?
(they don’t have to be in order of the most important to the less important)

Mine are…

  1. Sound/music. I mean I can live without it, but I love how much it gives to the story!
  2. Good grammar…
  3. Interesting, outstanding plot

I’m not sure if this belongs to the games category, so I’m leaving it here. If it does, I’ll change it.


I agree about all three points.

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I’m personally someone who reads Episode without the sound on lol but I agree with your other two points.
My third would probably be directing- it doesn’t need to be amazing, but it should at least be clean (as in, no bugs or errors).


I agree with all of these points! What I personally look for when starting a story is…

  • a hook - What makes me want to read the story/what’s the initial draw in of the story?
  • the exposition - One of my biggest pet peeves is the “Hi, my name is–”
  • the climax - What is that one “oh shoot” moment that the rising action builds to and how is it executed?
  • the resolution - Is it that nice, neat bow a story is meant to end with? If not, does it somewhat give us a ending that’s good?
  • predictability - An example of this is some of Joseph Evans work, it’s honestly amazing but in quite a few stories the protagonist’s male friend, the “hero”, ends up being an evil psycho. This is more for authors with more stories. It can also be applied to characters. I hate it when characters are simple if they’re critical to the story.

Same here. I don’t usually read stories with the volume up, ok, correction, I never read stories with the volume up :joy:

Personally I find it distracting and I can’t understand the story cause of this. Grammar’s also really important to me as well as the plot.


I understand : p
Well just for those who DO like the sound on, I put it in the story haha

But, that also might have to do something with the fact that I can’t live without music, I don’t remember a single day I didn’t listen to at least one song

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a story that makes sense
keeps the suspense the whole way through

I don’t have 3 haha but I don’t mind the sound as much my first story doesnt have sound as I’m using my phone I don’t have the same luxury as what a computer can do but I’m managing just fine :slight_smile:

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Same here. Music is life. Fact. :blue_heart: :notes: