Thinking about doing commission

Do u think I should practice a bit more or charge?
Any feed back is appreciated x

Commission ready?
  • Yes go for it
  • No practice a bit
  • No just no

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So it ofcourse depend on the price, but let me honest I wouldnt buy, and I doubt many would, if I put money into a drawing I would want something good, and honestly I think an edited looks better.

I know I am a bit rude, and your art is good it just isnt good enough. I really like your hands they are really pretty, but the eues creep me out, the noses, arent that well.

and honestly I do think your art looks traced. which is a no go for commissions, if it isnt traced I am sorry for asuming,


It’s not traced
Any tips to make it not looked traced
Thanks for the advice

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Oh, hon-

Don’t feel bad.

I decided to waste my time that I shroud be finishing my College Assignment to doing what I truly love;


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At least one of your images is traced though.

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Ok that Nevada one I didn’t actually trace I saw the pic and yes it as a reference
Same with the princess one

I used it as a reference


That says Nirvana, which is a band. So, I can easily say you have no clue what you’re talking about. And, I mean, they line up…

I’m dyslexic so I didn’t know it said that

If I delete it will U be happy I was just using it as a shading example bc I coloured it

cool website, I put the pictures through google and tineye, non of them found original.

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This isn’t referenced, this is traced. The lines align pretty much identically.

If you’re going to trace for practice, that’s fine - but you shouldn’t be dishonest about your techniques, and you shouldn’t profit from others copyrighted material.

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The lines match perfectly. @cat333 dont trace, people know, this is not a refrence, its tracing.



I got a better refrence example





Hey! Firstly i agree with everyone here, secondly i would rather you practice more, especially a style that can be used as an episode cover, so maybe try out different styles until you’re satisfied.
And when you open commissions, try your best to make the prices affordable, not everyone has 60$ ready to spend on art. Have a good day/night! :heart:

I’m just wanna delete this why won’t it let me


I was using that one because it was to show that you can have similar poses without tracing.

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you cant delete forums, you can tag an admin and ask them to close it though

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Ok thank u

I dont know if your young or no one ever told you, but tracing is drawing up top of a picture, which is a wrong thing to do, at is basis its stealing. and you in no way can sell it that is scamming people.

so please for the future dont trace stuff, and claim it as your own original art. if you use refrence, which is you looking at a picture but drawing on a blank one from scrath its fine. refrences is fine tracing is not.