Thinking about how many lines should their be

How many should they be in every episode?

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I think the minimum is 500… :thinking:

The minimum for publishing are 400 lines but that’s about 2-3 minutes maybe?
I personally prefer shorter chapters but not that short. I usually write about 3000 lines which means about 1500-2000 lines of dialogue. It’s about 7-12 minutes play time. Just try not to make it too long or too short :innocent:

Oh okay thank you

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Well for me, I usually do either 1000+ or 1500+. Those are usually my target in lines. Sometimes it can go to 2000 or even more! But it’s entirely up to you. Just don’t make it too short.

It should be 400+ per episode in order to publish your story.
However, length speaking I think you should measure it in minutes, as the coding and directing commands take up more lines than the speech ones. For me anything between 10-15 minutes is great.

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