Thinking About Leaving


Ok I feel like the forums are not the same anymore! They used to be safe and a good place to make friends…but not anymore! Everywhere I look around there is drama…and it gets me so worked up! I feel like I always have to find a way to ruin something good! I had a good friend on the forums but I managed to find a way to ruin that! I just don’t know what to do anymore.
I know a lot of people will Probaly comment “no don’t go your a good friend” but the truth is most of the time a rarely even talk to them. Or I am number 100 on their list of friends! I am thinking about leaving because I can’t find a reason to stay. I know plenty of people that hate me… and I have ruined everything good I had!

To the drama! Hail!

B please don’t. Please. If you leave I might have to leave


But why you have plenty of friends…again I am like number 100 on your list


Haha no you’re in my top 3


You’re one of my best friends. Please.


Well thanks, I just can’t find much enjoyment anymore and I don’t know how to fix that


Hmmm. I’m here if you’re ever bored or dad or upset


Hehe thanks


For every person you meet that you dislike on the forums, I promise you there is more that will make this place safe and are looking for a friend that may be you. I may not know you right now, but please don’t deprive people of the experience of meeting you because of it. (Also, I’m Once. Now you can’t say I’m a total stranger.) I can’t force you to stay, so I just want you to know that whatever you choose to do, I’ll try to understand your decision.


Thanks so much…that seems to be what everyone says but it’s not true…I just create dram everywhere…and no one ends up liking me because of it


I don’t think that’s true. For example, Amani’s post above. I’ve never seen you as a dramatic person, but do you want to talk about it? If you do, feel free to PM me any time.


Thanks you are an amazing person:)


Don’t leave! So many people are leaving g these days… and don’t worry I’ve hard the drama has ended and they figured it out and now they are working together (if you mean the art groups


Haha no she meant something else

But yes it’s true the art groups have joined forces


Thanks…but it’s not just art groups now:(


Oh well … :frowning:
Ok… but still… :frowning:


Hi are we gonna have a PARTy!!


Nooo party


I am literally ready to party everyday. Lol but ok


This is not a partying thread