Thinking about picking up my stories again

hey its been a couple of years since ive written anytthing on episode and ive been itching to start again, i think i might scrap all of my old ones except my newest and do the ones i had planned.

which one sound more intriguing:

story one:

Celest is slowly starting to gain her independence. She has her first-ever job. What she doesn’t realise, however,
is the devil’s underling is working right under her nose.

story two:

River Waters (ironic isnt it) is 18 and a virgin. He’s completely embarrassed by this because he is a closeted gay man. He has his eye in the local highschool Jock, Beck Silverstone, but has no idea if he’s into men or not, considering the number of girls he takes home. Can River juggle his secrets and his daily life at the same time?


Hey! Two very interesting plots, both sound great with plenty of potential! I like story two because of the diversity aspect/LGBTQ+ representation <3

I definitely would go for story two. I have written a few LGBTQ-stories myself and I am still a little disappointed. There are many FxF stories (or choose your gender stories) but a few MxM stories. Sorry to say this so rude, but that is my experience. What I try to say is, option one is also amazing, but if I had to choose between those two I definitely would go for reading story two.

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