Thinking bout taking payments

So i can proofread and beta read pretty much anything and I’ve seen people taking payments for that.
I want to do that but I don’t want to have Paypal or something like that because I dont want my bank account info connected to anything. Does anyone know how I can take payments with out having Paypal or something. idk if that makes sense lmao sorry

I don’t think thats possible, but im not entirely sure as well :stuck_out_tongue:

the only other way I can think of is bank transfer lol its gonna be really difficult without paypal thats the goto for a lot of people

I mean… you can technically have a PayPal account and have money transferred to you without your bank account attached, but there’s not much of a place for the money to go without a bank account unless you plan on sending it out (you can’t purchase many things without a bank account or credit/debit card attached).

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cashapp !?


i didn’t mean to reply to yu :sob: i’m still getting use to tis forums :joy:

Lol, no worries :heart:


What about Bitcoin?

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