Thinking changing my story's genre from drama to comedy?


I’m the author of (Un)Eligible Bachelor and I’m really starting to consider changing my story’s genre to comedy instead of drama as I feel like it has more comedic aspects but at the same time, I cannot help but think it is more of a dramedy? (Portmanteau of the word drama and comedy). I really don’t feel like I belong in the drama genre, it is somewhat demoralising & demotivating being stuck in a category full of random pregnancies, bad boys, other cliches etc so I know I’ve got little to no hope of getting my story reviewed by Episode. However, I’m aware that Episode can be strict about genre changes for the sake of getting a review from Episode (I’d probably never get a review in the drama category and I might fare well in comedy). I do feel like my story does have funny elements in it but some people have said it doesn’t come across as comedic since my humour is more sarcastic & surreal at times.

I’m hoping if I could get any advice especially if you’re somebody writing in the comedy genre. Should I change it to comedy or grit my teeth and stay in drama? Since it isn’t a promotion thread I’ve not provided a link but if you PM me or go on my bio you can find a link to see for yourself if you consider it a comedy

Thank you :heart:

:eyes: ik it is a bit of an unusual question but hopefully somebody answers or has something to add

I don’t write in comedy, so I can’t help you from that aspect.
But what I would say, as someone with a more sarcastic sense of humour, is that I don’t think sarcasm is really a comedic theme to a story.

Unless your story is literally 3/4 of comedy to 1/4 of drama or even more, I wouldn’t say to switch it’s genre. Comedy needs to be different elements of funny content, and make the audience laugh more than other stories on the app. If you put yours in drama first, I imagine that this wasn’t your goal, and therefore it’s unlikely to meet the criteria associated with comedy.


Ahh thank you and yay nice to know you have a sarcastic sense of humour too - I think it is a shame that episode doesn’t have mixed genres or like an option where we can choose more than one since not all stories fir into one box. Guess I have to deal with being stuck in drama :sweat_smile::joy:

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Yeah it would be nice to have a mixed genre or a sub genre. But I suppose if everyone did that, then pretty much every genre would be overcrowded with the same stories, doubly labelled.

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True, I guess regardless there would be that saturation of stories in randomly put genres so I may as well not contribute to it lmao and thanks for answering - I appreciate it :heart:

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