Thinking of a storyline

i wanna write a crime romance story and make it like quite long (50 chapters or a bit less u guys can lmk) but i cant really imagine writing the story for 50 whole chapters? i have a plot but i think that it can go on for 20 chapters so how do i think of things to put in the filler? could u maybe give me prompts to add drama to focus on for a few eps?

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Well, I don’t know why you want to write around 50 chapters. When you have the storyline for 20 chapters, then I guess with some fillers you can have 25 chapters. But 50?
I wouldn’t recommend forcing you to write 50 chapters because it can easily seem dragged out and can bore your readers. Especially when You write just for the sake of having many chapters.
You should concentrate on the main story line, new ideas will come automatically :tulip: and when your story is only 25 chapters long but it’s well written and thought through, you’ll probably gain more reads than having a story with many chapters but only half hearted written :slight_smile:


thank u, ill make it short and sweet then!


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