Thinking of making a forums therapy group!


Hey I’m thinking of making an episode forums therapy group where we can get some people who understand major issues like struggles with disorders or bullying and want to be in a therapist group.
You’d need discord and yh. We will have a server and talk about issues and how to help others with excellent answers for their problem. There will be a thread for the group and if anyone needs help any memeber can pm the person and yh. Srry for the terrible explanation I’m not really in the mood or have any energy at the moment to write up this fantastic explanation/summary. 10 Members at the least



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I think that’s a great idea! :slight_smile:


Thats a good idea I would join I have expirence with some things… and would love to help others work through similar issues




Tysm and anyone can join I just have a limit of at least 10 members


I’d totally join a group like this.


I would join as well, people say I’m good at helping.


ok I’ll add you to the list


ok I’ll add you to the list

<3 Zoe


I would join.


mk Ill add you too!


I’ll join! This seems so nice!


Yay just added you cant wait to make this official!




you should join the group!


I made a similar topic :pensive:


omg sorry where??


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Please do not advertise on this chat srry