Thinking of making a Story

I have an idea for a story, but I don’t know whether I should make it in cinamatic or spotlight story.

I plan on having charecter customization, at the beginning, and choices throughout but each episode follows a different character.

The basics of it is this…

A man goes on an ocean cruise with his wife, but then ends up hitting on this woman at a bar (on the ship) which leads you to a choice…
But it turns out the woman at the bar is a part of a secret game where you are sent “targets” and are given money based on what you do with them. Like 100$ if he buys you a drink, 300 for a kiss, blah blah, all these “targets” are set up by a website run by gambling billionaires with nothing better to do. (It will follow guidelines nothing too inappropriate but probably will need a “mature content” warning. So like a 16+ story.)

The first episode follows the man and his choices, the second episode follows the woman and her choices.
And the story jumps back and forth between different characters throughout the story, but still follows the same story.

Anyway, I guess it’s a 2 part question.

  1. Would you read this story?
  2. Would you want it to be cinamatic or spotlight?
  • I like cinamatic stories
  • I prefer spotlight stories

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I’d definitely read this, and I prefer cinematic. Your idea is very creative and I’ve never seen a story like it so I’d read it

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Thank you.

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I would be very careful with this. it technically counts as prostitution. i understand the concept but keep in mind episode is a 12+ app. i have nothing against it since it’s a part of the plot in a way and I would read the story


I understand what your saying.
I’ll be sure to keep it as PG as possible. It’s less doing stuff for money, and more about billionaires manipulating the system and toying with people. But like I said I’ll label it as mature content, and tread lightly.


You could actually choose cinematic and then use the spotlight format for the story if you wanted to, at least that way, you can change it if you ever wish to. But if you choose spotlight straight up, then you’re stuck with spotlight.

I personally prefer cinematic (both from a reader POV and writer POV) since it gives you more creative freedom though.

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I might do that…

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Imma still wait for the poll results first. That might decide for me.

I’m also looking into which category it fits under. It’s kind of a drama, but there might be some thriller elements… maybe a bit of mystery. I guess that can change over time though.

In case you don’t know how:
set format spotlight
set format cinematic
are the two commands to change the format within the script. :blush:

Regardless, yeah, you can wait for the polls before deciding which format is right for your story, but personally I think choosing cinematic first is safe since you can switch formats if you ever change your mind.

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if you tend to narrate stuff (like descriptions) and you’re not familiar with advanced coding, I’d say spotlight :thinking:
if you’re more a visual person and you’re good/or at least familiar with advanced coding, I’d say cinematic
but like @/schittwriter said, choosing cinematic is safer since you can switch the format whenever you like or you ever change your mind.

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I feel like I might need to explain or narrate a lot at the beginning, but it would be nicer to see it as a cinamatic for some scenes.

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cinematic + spotlight is good too :laughing:

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Looks like cinamatic won. But I might do a mix

Now just to think of a title, and a genre…

I’d say drama?

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