Third problem:/

When you choose an outfit, it’s all okay, when you want to change it again, it does not work, even though I put everything I needed to put

That’s because you put the “confirm choice” label, within choice one.

Sorry, I don’t understand, what do you mean?

exactly what she said – you can’t put the label inside the first choice

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Where do I put it then:/

before or after the choices.

It’s still not working, when they click on any outfit, they can’t choose another, and when there is an option for yes or no for the outfit, that doesn’t show

can i see your script?

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Okay I’m really new so I don’t understand anything about episode-

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this is all within one choice. you need to remove everything except for the outfit change. after that, put goto confirm_outfit

after this, put the choice of whether they want to wear it or not right under the label confirm_outfit