This bug is getting in my nerves

I don’t know if you guys have this problem too…
But sometimes when I’m playing a story I can’t see the characters so I have to leave the chapter and enter again and sometimes I have to do it every chapter…and is getting in my nerves :sweat_smile:

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If you have an issue, please contact @Ryan or @Jeremy or submit a ticket

Yes I’ve had this problem too and also one where no dialogue shows at all

This has been an ongoing issue. You can try to submit a support ticket, but I have been told by support that it is a memory issue with your device.

same but not for every chapter 0.0

Upon submitting a ticket for this, the results will vary based on what device you are using. Some phones/devices don’t have enough memory to be able to handle Episode. So def still worth a shot for everyone to submit a ticket, users my get different results and outcomes :slight_smile:

But my phone have a lot of memory


Closing thread. Please make sure to submit a ticket so the support team can help anyone in need. So sorry that this is happening and hopefully it can get resolved. :mage::star::star2::eight_pointed_black_star:

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