This conflict has to end

Okay so i found this in on IG

I see where she’s coming from. Reviewers do their hardwork and everything. But i know the story behind this post. The writer actually confronted the reviewer about this. They had a mini arguement and the reviewer eventually admitted that the review was indeed a fake. Guys, dont jump to conclusions that an author is being rude just because he/she feels suspicious, in fact they have every right to be. I mean there are hundreds of fake reviews out there.
Yes reviewers should be respected but authors should also be respected. They waited and waited for their review, then all they get is a fake one which doesn’t help them at all. Why do you think they asked a review in the first place? They wanted to know if their story is good and a review helps them make it better.
Then when an author confronts a reviewer about these kinds of things. To summarize it up, it goes like this.

Guys, when an author asks you for a screenshot, just send it so they wont be suspicious and assume the review is a fake. If you are gonna use vague words, at least send a screenshot as proof that you read it. Authors worked really hard on making a story. Some authors, have passion and probably want to write a book someday. Please at least try to make the review genuine and mention scenes from their story that can help them in the future. Writing fake reviews like “i like the twist in episode 2” when there really is no twist in episode 2 isnt gonna help anyone.
Pls stop with the fake reviews. And if you see things like “help is this review fake?” Dont immediately conclude that this is cyberbullying. Because if there is something off about the review, like mentioning layering issues when there is none, the author eventually cant stay quiet about it. I know the author who wrote posted “help is this review fake” , she just wanted to know if the review is fake because she felt cheated. And the review turned out to actually be fake. Know the entire story behind it before you jump to conclusions.
Its like ordering a pizza. You order a pizza, wait for hours then all you get is an overcooked one then saying you should be grateful that you at least have a pizza.
PS and to whoever posted this on IG. I’m sorry for doing this. But i’m just sick of all the conflict. Just needed you to know the real intentions of the author you are talking about. And that the review really was fake.


Hello Emily!

So I have read what you have written and I must say I side with you on this & reviewers should never take this personally.

Tbh an author can tell if a review is fake because the author wrote the story so they know it inside out.

If the author spots something which seems off, it is okay for the author to ask for proof. I would argue that this is fair and if the reviewer has nothing to hide then I do not see why screenshotting is a problem. You know when something is off when a reviewer refuses or even gets defensive over the screenshotting question - it implies that reviewer has something to hide thus producing conflict and unnecessary hurt.

So this will be a long ass post but screw it, I may as well give my two cents so to speak.


IF for any reason you are overwhelmed by review requests be honest as a reviewer. Tell your reviewees the truth, that you are getting overwhelmed - that you are not willing to review their story yet.

You provided an opportunity to authors to gauge how their work is on a certain scale. If you are unable to do this, sorry to be so blunt but maybe reviewing isn’t for you. Authors are happy to wait, we all appreciate you have lives to live but we cannot appreciate lying.

An author is not ungrateful, entitled or rude if they ask for proof of reading because they feel the overall review was too vague - it is a person who wants proof, if you cannot provide the proof then yes, expect confrontation of some form. Accept it. Accept the fact you are going to be in trouble for lying to someone! This logic of oh you have a review so be thankful is ludicrious!

When reviewing the story and you have actually read the story, you have nothing to worry about because the author can tell if the review is genuine. I ensure as a reviewer that my comments are specific to my reviewee, I will spot perhaps directing issues or a point of dialogue or scene I enjoy.

It worries me that there are some reviewers who feel like this is acceptable because it is not. If it reaches a point where you do not want to review stories, issue an apology and declination of review and, redirect them to a good reviewer if possible.


As an author, you know your story back to front. If for any reason, you feel like something was reviewed was vague/not linked to your story - then do not be afraid to request proof of reading.

However, if a reviewer feels under pressure or swamped by reviews and they decline your review, be understanding even if it is a pain in the ass (I know a vast majority of people in the community are gracious and kind here).

HOWEVER, never be afraid to ask and if it leads to conflict you know something is off.


Very well said! :clap:
There are really some reviewers who are not meant to be reviewers.
I really dont know why they decide to be fake.

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Thank you :sparkling_heart:

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I agree with everyone! I’m not an author, but I’m sure an author would know their own story by heart, I’m a reviewer… but I don’t go super in depth, my story reviews are usually reccomandations that I write paragraphs about. I don’t screenshot but I swear I read them, really really slowly :joy:

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As an author AND a reviewer, I completely understand the frustration of not getting an honest review of your story. If you are not going to take the time to sit down and actually review the story, do not do reviews. Reviews are meant to provide authors with feedback of their story, but also the market the story to other potential readers. If the review is not honest, the reviewer is not only lying to the author, but to their followers who are reading the review and considering whether to read the story or not.
I actually had a case where a reviewer highlighted my choices (saying there were a ton of great choices that made an impact, when the story only had customization, clothing, and ONE important choice at the very end). The same reviewer dinged the story for not using advanced zooms, which annoyed me because I use a LOT of zooms.
If anyone wants honest, constructive reviews, I do them through my review account on Instagram I can also send the form if you DM me. I only take a few reviews at a time so that authors are not delayed in receiving them and I am an author myself.


Wow what some people would do to get followers. They shouldn’t be reviewing at all.

Sometimes i’m afraid to confront them if this happens because i might get called out for cyberbullying like what happened in the pic.

I mean how is that even cyberbullying? she’s not even calling out names wtf.

Btw i should dm you about that review :slight_smile:

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