This hairstyle isn't showing?

So here is my script:
@ZZ spot 1.856 74 -238 in zone 1 AND ZZ faces right
@ZZ changes into ZChi_SAINT
@ZZ changes hair into Medium Taper Wavy
@ZZ changes face into Square Youthful
@ZZ1 spot 1.838 242 -244 in zone 1 AND ZZ1 faces left
@ZZ1 changes into ZChi_MAGNOLIA
@ZZ1 changes eyes into Round Downturned Wide
@ZZ1 changes hair into Medium Straight Down
@ZZ becomes SAINT
@ZZ1 becomes MAGNOLIA
@ZZ moves to layer 2 AND ZZ1 moves to layer 1

So the problem is that episode is saying that Medium Taper Wavy hair is a error and I don’t understand why it’s for male.
No hair called Medium Taper Wavy exists
Can someone please help me

Update now all the male hairstyles aren’t working

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is that the name of your character?

Try putting the word Hair at the end

add ‘Hair’ after ‘Medium Taper Wavy’

Um, I’m pretty sure there isn’t a Medium Taper Wavy hairstyle in the catalog.
Check again? Also if there is, capitalize hair -> Hair

It’s a male hairstyle.

Then you should probably capitalize hair to Hair

@Kenzy_kenz If you’re having issues with all the hairstyles not working, I’d recommend submitting a help ticket to the support team and letting them know about this issue. :slight_smile:

Have you created the character ZZ? Getting error messages saying no hairstyle (or other features) exist means the script doesn’t recognize the character name.

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