This is a hard question to answer

Have you had a dad that turned out not to be your biological father (mom cheated or lied about being pregnant before marriage)
A man stopped hanging out with his daughter because of this and when she grew up she decided she wanted to repair their relationship but he was killed before she could.
She was crying when she told the story.

It’s for a story, I wanted to show the side of the kids who have been through this, people only show the parents’ side but what about the kid who is in the middle?
One of my characters’ friends, Ebony found out her father was not her biological father. She’s afraid he will leave if he finds out.

I wanna sees how it feels to be in the situations, especially if one parent leaves.


not me but my mom and uncle.

my mom when she was I teen she lied about her dad not been her dad, turns out it wasent a lie.

also my mom has a little sister (where the dad is real dad too) anyway turn out she has a big brother they tried to contackt him. but well grandpa died before they got the contact. but he is a really nice guy and a part of this family now.


My moms a single mother and I have three sisters. All my other siblings are familiar with their dads except me really. My dad doesn’t believe I’m his. He instead thinks my older sisters dad is my father since I look similar to him.

I am not in this situation, but it would be great to write such a story❤️

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