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WHY are the majority of popular episode stories like this?

So my first point is that I notice most of the mcs are girls, and you can only have a male love interest. I would much prefer that there is an option of gender, and at least 3 options. I personally think it would be better if the options were:
And then you could chose a more masc or fem character unrelated to the gender you chose.

So now that I have mentioned the gender thing, I wanted to say that there are not any female body types that don’t have big br3^sts and b_m. It annoys me. They are all curves and edges and even the plus sizes aren’t that big, and I get that might sound offensive but I just think that Episode is putting variation to a minimum.
I also feel like they did a good enough job to make sure there was feminine clothes for the male characters, but no masculine clothes for the female characters.

I feel like these are some things that episode could do to make it EVEN MORE varied and equal:

  • Make intersex bodies (males with br£asts, etc.)
  • Make non-binary a gender option/ a non-binary body
  • Make female bodies without br£asts and b-m
  • Add more masculine clothes into the female catalog

The reason that point 3 was in bold is because I think if they can’t make flat females, they could at least add binders to the female clothing catalog and when you put it on the character it flattens her/their/his/xeir/its br£asts.

Thank you for reading, this was rushed and it might not make sense to some but if anyone agrees make sure to let me know because I would really like a discussion about this with someone!





Just to clear this up, I know there is no particular way to look non binary, when I say a non binary body I mean just making that label and then choosing what body you actually want.
For example, you choose your gender as non binary and then choose your body, whether it be a masc or fem one,

That is another point. In a story when you select female would it be better if you could choose your body, so like plus sizes and same for the men?

Also to clear this up:
I know that this would take a lot of coding and extra hours, and I know half of these ideas can’t happen for a number of reasons, but I made this post not because I think it will happen, or I think it should be seriously added to the app, but more to keep open minded, and keep considerations of these ideas out in the open, whether they are as big as described or the first small steps.

The only things that I would REALLY appreciate on the actual writers portal are these:

  • Binders for female characters
  • Females with no breasts and no hourglass figure
  • More masculine clothes for the female characters.

And the reason for this is because it won’t take any authors any more time in coding their stories, and even though it will take Episode a long time to code it onto the portal, if they were to make it happen, would it really matter how long it took if we would get it? And wouldn’t we be all the more grateful for their time?






Support!! I mean there are many boys playing :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: So they should also get a character like themselves

I have only seen 1 fricking!! Story which has male and the MC


So glad to hear it <3
And yes I agree!

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Support! These ideas are amazing and it’s a shame that we don’t already have these features!

But… The problem is that it would took so much time that we might not even know if they’re planning to actually add that or not…


Thank you for the support!

And I totally understand what you’re saying!


There isn’t one type of nonbinary body tho. Some feel comfortable with breasts etc while some do not


I do agree that we need more masculine female body types and more clothing for the breast male body type. And also more clothing for females with no breasts. But I think the male body types-styles are quite ok other than maybe some older body styles and a plus size. And also the females need more older and varying plus size options. And for non binary I think that should be a separate clothing style since non binary people can have the same body styles we have in the catalog now just more clothing style options for them.

This is just my opinion since the male body styles are quite ok, just need a bigger closet selection by a lot, and the female need body types and clothes with less breasts. And both need older looking body types with sagging, wrinkles, and less puffy chests. (Aka I agree with most things you said plus some, just was elaborating a further suggestion.)

Also, Maybe link some threads that ppl can support related to your thread since this isn’t listed as a request thread.


Okay, so I’m going to get a little picky here, but I’m non-binary so I have a place to speak about this. There is no one way to look non-binary or intersex! Not all AFAB people bind and a lot of intersex people look exactly like their cis counterparts. Plus, this is going to sound awful, but almost no one wants to be with non-binary people. I know this from experience. While more variety is welcome, that also gives more opportunities for people to use the non-binary identity as a joke… and I greatly fear that will happen. So many people still don’t understand what it’s like to live as someone who is non-binary and what “non-binary” even is.

Gender goes beyond the physical body, and your body is used to express that identity. That being said, there are infinitely many ways for people to express their gender. Some women express themselves as masculine… they are not non-binary. Some men present themselves as feminine… they are not inherently non-binary. I present myself as feminine, but that doesn’t mean I’m any less valid in my identity and it also doesn’t mean that I’m a girl.

I just feel like the explanation of this post lost the true diversity of the non-binary community. We are always here, and a lot of us are completely comfortable living and playing through a traditionally feminine or traditionally masculine viewpoint / body (many of us, myself included, use our bodies as canvases. we can add make-up, masc or femme clothes, all varieties of hair, etc.) So while giving these body types as an option would be great, I fear for the amount of distasteful jokes that would come out of it and how this may do more harm than good.

However, I do agree that more clothing options is a good idea, but adding a third “non-binary” gender or a “non-binary body”) to represent all non-binary people isn’t the move … because it’s not all. Non-binary is an umbrella term for all of the genders that fall outside of woman and man (there are hundreds lol). Allowing pronouns choices with differing branches work extremely well, especially if the author has enough education. Also, a larger variety of masculine clothing for feminine body types would allow for a larger variety of gender expression… which is exactly what is needed as of right now… in my opinion. Some other non-binary people may disagree with me, but this post was worded weird and it feels slightly uninformed.

Also, side note: the majority of stories are like that because the majority of the population is cishet.


I always support the addition of more body types only because humanity is so varied and the more chances we have to represent that variation, the better. But we can have more body types without gendering them.

I hope you read all of @dishsoap ‘s post they’re right about how non-binary has become watered down and put into a box, which defeats the entire purpose of being non-binary.

I do want more gender diverse assets for a wider range of gender expressions or styles. I’ve been saying for ages I want more modest clothes of all types for the female plus and generic bodies, in addition to more masculine clothes for those body types. I want more masc assets with the bust for the male generic body, and for feminine assets without the bust for male generic, as well as some cuter pants since Episode seems to think all trans women (who are the majority of the characters you see with the female body variation) only wear crop tops and one of the same 3 skirts over and over again lol.

They actually cannot just create a binder that flattens the chest of the female generic body. They could create bulky clothing that flattens the chest and goes past the rig of the body, but they would need a separate rig and body for a more flat chested character unless you want bare side boob sticking out lmao.

I’m also gonna say….there’s nothing stopping people from writing trans characters with any of the bodies we already have. I’m not comfortable with the way people think it’s necessary to have a “visibly trans” or “clockable” body in order to write a trans character, regardless of whatever steps of medical transition they have or have not taken. I do want to be able to have more body types that reflect different experiences because I want all people to be able to see themselves and their bodies as inherently valuable no matter what they look like. But I wish cis people would stop acting like they need to be able to “tell” that we’re trans or that readers need a visual cue to tell them a trans character is present because they don’t want to put in the effort of writing a nuanced trans character.


Regarding the first statement, I must confess that the branching that would suppose to choose your gender and three LI may be tedious or difficult for some writers. But I think that you are absolutely right about all the cliché’s you mentioned, there should be more stories with male MC & non-straight options LI.

Of course, these decisions are made by the writers, and after all, they decide what’s best for their story. - So all my support for those who want to break the cliché!

On the other hand, I totally support you on Episode’s availability to customize the characters. And I’ll even add another feature they should add: Plus Male Characters

Episode please, leave behind the gender-clothing, I want more: hoodies for females, piercings for females, skirts and dresses for males etc.


Confessions of a 40-year-old Bad Boy” - Male main character story :man_office_worker:t2:
Shipwrecked” - Multiple LBTIQ+ love interests :rainbow_flag:
Demon Roommate” - Plus size option in CC :cherry_blossom:
Ninetale” - Fem/masc MC :bust_in_silhouette:


I agree w lots of it. I especially think, episode should acknowledge that not all plus size women are hourglass & also, how pretty much ever female body type is that of a model :joy:

however, how exactly do u make a non binary character option? there’s no real one way to make a non binary person, so I think that would be a lot of unnecessary work…I don’t really understand how it would be possible bc the plus, female & male body types can all be used for someone non-binary.

then to add to what u said, I also don’t know how the author can give u a non binary Li, bc, do they give them the female, plus female, or male body type? I think this wouldn’t work for a number of reasons…mainly bc ‘non-binary’ is an umbrella term, displaying an entire spectrum of differences! so, yeah…

love the idea of more masculine clothes on female portal! :white_heart:


I’ll answer this question. In my current story, I have a female MC and two love interests, both of whom are gender customizable (male & female only). The player can be straight (two male love interests), bi (one male and one female), or lesbian (two female). Having to code these three different routes probably takes me an additional hour and a half per chapter. Do I really mind it? No. It’s worth it for the representation.

But here’s the thing. I’ve seen a lot of people post screenshots of my story on Insta, and I see a pretty 50/50 mix of straight and bisexual route players. Do you know how many I’ve seen for the lesbian route? One. One screenshot. Again, I don’t mind, and I would still do the lesbian route given the chance to start again, but there’s definitely a part of me that feels a little deflated when I think of the time spent to code a route that very few people are playing.

Having a MC who is female, male, or non-binary is three routes. When you say they could choose a more masc or fem character, I’m not sure if you’re just talking about clothes or the actual body type, but if you’re talking about body type that’s another two routes. Then if you have two LIs, and they also have three gender options, we’re looking at 9 routes. That’s a lot!

So to answer this question, many people just don’t have the time or coding skill to do it. Some people may not feel comfortable writing from a gendered perspective that isn’t their own (especially when it comes to the non-binary option). Some people may just not think it fits with their story. And that’s okay. Authors work very hard, often with no compensation, so I won’t begrudge them not doing 9+ routes, but I agree we should continue to promote diversity within stories and uplift stories that ARE different.


I think this is because it takes a lot of time, not only that you have to be able to code advanced choices. And while some authors can code advanced, not a lot of people can code advanced choices. For example, me, I can code advancly (if thats a word) but the only thing I cant code is the advanced choices, so I just stick to the simpler ones like most other people.

Not saying you are wrong but there are a couple of outfits that are masculine for the females it’s just harder to find and there arent a lot. My suggestion to you is if you want more of these kinds of clothing then you should suggest it in the feature section

I get where you’re coming from but non-binary doesn’t have a body type. You can’t make a non-binary body. And we already have the breasts variation for male generic.


Let me say why there are only “straight MCs” stories. Firstly, maybe the story does not concentrate much on the MC and LI’s relationship but on the drama. Secondly, the authors do not know about wlw love stories or bi-love stories and no one wants to offend people by something which is not true.


I’m currently writing a story with a male MC. Support to all these points!


I agree! I was just pointing out that for me, this is how I feel personally, not how everyone else is feeling! But either way I think even with non binary out of the picture, we still need a binder as an option, and flat female body types!

I get where your coming from, but surely the actual stories by episode can be as advanced as needed?