This is about preayer



payer is a communication with God

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But what are you implying at???
As We all know that Prayer is something that we do to communicate with god…


Do you pray often?


No, I am not the very god beleiving person in my family…(Sorry if I offended someone)
But I had to do or if I don’t want to then I’m forced to do…


Why make a topic about prayer if you don’t believe in God? :thinking:


Its not like I don’t beleive in God…
But its not like I’m blindly beleiving in God like all of my family members do??
I don’t think this counts as not beleiving it…


Either you believe or don’t believe. No inbetween.


Quick question: Why are we discussing this? :face_with_raised_eyebrow: I feel like this is a very touchy subject that can go wrong real fast.


Guys its my believing or not…
I believe in god but because of everybody they say that god always makes everything right??
Don’t they??
So, something happened in the past that should have been corrected but it didn’t so by that my Believe in it is a wavering…
And Sorry but my thinking is this…
Sorry if I did something to offend you…
But I seriously didn’t meant to.


As we are different we all have different opinions on everything…


God doesn’t control our every move. If something bad happens or we mess up, that’s our fault.


I’m in no way offended. Just confused as to what this thread is about. So…you have some belief in God but sometimes you doubt his existence?


Sometimes when I think about what happened in my past
I always think that god is nature
and nature is god…
And, I am a very much of a science beliveing student thinking about everything relating to that…
So, that’s why…


That doesn’t have to be something that we have done or even have a part in it.
But it happens happens and what everybody say around you gotta beleive it.


I guess you confused me with someone else…
I didn’t made this thread??


I will say it again…


I’m out of here…
Discuss whatever you want guys…


I dunno about that. Personally, I do believe, but I do know people who are unsure how they feel. I do think there is an in-between. In fact, those people often refer to themselves as agnostics.


I was confused, too. I thought she created the thread because they both have green icons. It’s actually not her who created it!


Lol :joy: I was so confused.
She said i didn’t made this thread…question mark, question mark, question mark.
I thought she/he was saying she/he was the creator in a sarcastic way.