This is for people who play the sims 2~ IT'S A SIMS 2 CHALLENGE

Killer of Parents Challenge:
When you were born, you were accidentally stripped from your parents and raised by another family by accident, once they found out that you weren’t their child, you were abandoned, and your real parent came to get you. You were 5-years-old.
Your sibling was happy to have you; however, they abused her tirelessly, you were her only friend.
They dropped her off at an orphanage to find her murdering the parents that came, they dropped you off too, you tried to kill them as revenge for abusing your sister, Sisilie.
Cruel treatment:

When building their home, download this mod:
(optional part)
If you chose not to, you don’t have to.
Place this as a decoration to your orphanage. Please, build an Orphanage.
Sisilie brought it with her as a reminder of her old home when she goes to the orphanage. (Add this to your house, if you haven’t just added it to her inventory) please take this with her to the orphanage.
Your sister is never paid any attention to, so you pulled the load.
You must start off with two children, you must make them unrelated, both must not look anything like their “Mistaken” parents.
Make four adults, two males, and two women.
Make the men marry the women, and take their children to live with the one first couple you married together, this couple must also be the Mistaken parents of Sisilie, who can only be related to the other couple.
If you can’t remember, pick the parents of you/the one that is not Sisilie, if you haven’t made Sisilie related, yet, then just pick at random. But, she nor Sisilie cannot stay with Sisilie’s parents, you must live with your parents along with Sisilie.
Sisilie must have only one bedroom, all the toys “her parents buy for her,” must be given to her new sister.
She can only have a bed, a toilet, and a mini-fridge.
You must have all the fancy things, like toys and beautiful clothes, Sisilie’s clothes must be ugly, at least to you, beauty is in the eyes’ of the beholders.’
Your relationship with your mother be in the middle, you love your new sister but is also happy to see your new and biological family.
You don’t love her, you don’t hate her.
The sim you chose to be Sisilie must hate her parents.
Realistically, Sisilie may love you, but not more than she loves her parents or you love her.
She can have resentment, but not full-on hatred at your choice, like a love/hate relationship.

For this part of the challenge, Sisilie must not touch you, or her parents. She can talk to them, but only for a few seconds in-game, which are minutes.
You have to get salads, and healthy food to bring to Sisilie and snacks like cake and such.
“Because, your old parents taught you to be healthy, and only eat one ‘junk food’ a day,” This must only be done in secret.
You by default have 300 points.

Sisilie must see you in secret. Her parents can’t know you’re meeting each other, use a calculator for this challenge, cuz points will be used. If her parents catch you sneaking food, toys, etc. to her, you lose 15 points + you must spin the wheel.

If you lose 400 points, Sisilie must be taken to the orphanage immediately, your parents don’t want you to have to take care of her/just talk to her.
If she goes to the orphanage, skip the rest of this part of the challenge and go to the part of this challenge that’s called: “Sisilie” and so forth…
You can’t watch T.V. all alone, if you do, that’s the next wheel.
Your parents must be around you or near you and be sitting right next to you everytime you go to watch T.V.
The Link:

If got you, “You begged, you pleaded, so now only one toy goes.” The one that you sim play with the most goes, Doesn’t leave the household, though. You can cheat if she doesn’t play with her toys
If you got “no kisses,” you’re Allowed to cheat if you get caught more than twice.
If you got: “No toys,” but you cried and begged and pleaded, so now only your favorite toy goes.
The toy must be sold or given to a townie as a gift, whoever that isn’t in the household, really.
You must keep this up for four sim-weeks, then ya’ move out Sisilie and take her to the orphanage.
Part 2:
Sisilie hates the orphanage and anyone that comes in.
Create 6 sims, two are the orphanage owners, one cleans up and the other looks after the teens. The rest are the children (teens in the orphanage.), the 7th sim is Sisilie.
Go to wheel decide and put in all the names of the children, they all must be teens, they must be rude and disrespectful.
Using cheats, make them ALL hate Sisilie.
Even the owners.
The owners must not speak to her, nor the teens, if the teens do talk to her, they must take her toys if she has any, or play with her fav’, and she can never touch it again.
Using wheel decide, after 2 days, spin the wheel to see who to kill first, only one orphanage owner can live and two teens besides/including Sisilie.
All must be killed differently, but the murder must be “set up” by Sisilie in some way, whether by her putting food in/on the oven/stove or other things.
After this, go back to your family, then after 6 sim-days, kill them one-by-one in revenge using the fireplace and anything of your choice to help set them on fire. You (Your sim) should set up the fireplace (Get it burning)
If your sim is still a child, wait until she is a teen to kill them off, give $50,000 +
as insurance to her.
Part 3:
Part 1 & 2 were optional,
If you choose to do those, wait until she is an adult, or have her get pregnant in her teens to care for the baby with nothing but a crib, a fridge, and a bed + T.V.for fun, and a toilet, Sell everything else, except Sisilie’s things.
Never touch her things, not even the children can touch her things,
If you decide to wait until she is an adult, then good, BUT, Never touch Sisilie’s things, not even the children can touch her things.
You have a baby, but they get switched, too. The parents find out after the babies are children and moves in.
If chooser to skip 1 & 2, (and she is already an adult,) create her, and her lover if you will, you can even make Sisilie if you want. Just know that she or anyone besides your lover can’t live with you that isn’t the other parents and child.
Create two more sims, and make them get pregnant by any means necessary, if twins, put your baby in their household, and their baby in yours. Any babies born by you must be given to them, and any children born by them are yours, now. Any children born after the firstborns can stay with you.
Raise it until she/he is a child, btw, these same rules apply if you make your sim a teen mother.

Raise that other baby until (s)he is a child, as well.
Make them move in with your sim “to be closer to both children.”
Make your sim HATE the other parents, Make the other parents LOVE your sim (As a friend, best friend, or BFF) No cheats or mods after this.
Make their family to the outside world look like the ideal family, whether they actually ARE that is up to you.

Make your sims act friendly, but not too much with “yourself” and the other parents, if you’re married, add your husband/wife into the jig/plans/plot to kill the other parents and raise both children as your own.
The reasons why (s)he is doing the dirt is always up to you, but it must have to do with you, or the children.
The husband/wife can have any relationship you want him/her to have with the parents, but keep her/him in love with you, and only you.
You all must share beds except for the children, you want to save as much money as you can to “raise the children.”
You can only have 2 tables, one for the children, and one for the adults.

Only two chairs each, the adults must only eat at the adults’ table and the children at the children’s table.
The 2 families must share EVERYTHING, and I mean EVERYTHING, toothbrushes, toilets, what was once made for one is now for two/four.
The children have their own individual stuff (this is optional):
The children must have their own toilets, toys, etc.
One husband may have only a job/part-time job if you have a mod (Only time a mod is allowed.).
The rest are jobless.
The children must keep their grades up to an A+ all throughout their childhood and teens.
One Double/single bed are for all adults, whereas CHILDREN have their own beds.
Special treatment like having their own things is entirely optional when it comes to the children that are not firstborns.
Then, after 17 sim-days (keep count) of raising the children, get their parents to come to your/their bedroom then murder them with the sword mod, this mod is allowed because it cuts down collateral damage to 0%.

On the birthday of the grieving teens, talk to them and make them feel better, (Make their motives high) instead of aging them up, send them to college with or without a scholarship.

When you are at the “3rd” part of the challenge, your default points are 400
You lose 15 points if the parents sit at the kids’ table,
-20 points if the kids are using the adults’ stuff.
5 points lost if they sit at the adults’ table.
-15 points if the kids’ grades go down, -30 points if the kids get an F-.

You lose if you die, your husband dies, or the children die (At any age in your household) YOU CAN adopt them back if they take them away, but you lose 40 points.
You will also lose toilet and bathroom privileges if you lose all your points in the timespan of 17 sim-days. So if you do, I hope you enjoy misery, because you can’t clean ANY OF THE PEE. U can’t bath, only take showers and the other parents must go first.
if you clean the pee, no breakfast, if your husband cleans the pee, you gain 80 points, if you get it back up to or over 203 points, you get your bathroom privileges back, and everything is back to “normal,” only “you” can be controlled unless to stop something or follow the rules after Part 2/3 of the challenge. Except for Sisilie, if you play part 2, you control the other sims, but only to check on and keep them alive until you can kill them + to keep them away from Sisilie and do bad things.