This is getting ridicilous


How many days has it been? 8? 10? The backgrounds and overlays have been delayed for over 2 weeks now. They are not even getting approved in a week. It’s 2 weeks! And now? The portal is glitching! Every bloody time I save the script, poof! Runtime error! This used to be a glitch that happens when you try to preview your script with missing characters, now, it’s every freaking second! This needs to stop. The portal is falling apart. I wouldn’t be surprised if there was a riot. Smh.


Well, that’s maybe because many members of the team are on summer vacation?
That’s exactly what is happening at my workplace, lately whenever I send an e-mail requesting approval or reporting a system issue, I receive back an out of office message and it often happens I’m unable to make any progress for a week…

I know how annoying this is, I have to close and reopen the portal every time I change something in the script and I want to preview it. I finally finished a new chapter on Friday and I was about to publish it when I realized my overlays are still in review. And yeah, I’m still waiting.

I’m sure I won’t be popular with this, but that’s just about publishing/updating an Episode story, and not the end of the world. Believe me it’s much more annoying having to make up all the bullshit I have to tell my clients why I still haven’t processed their order…


Yeah it’s taken I think 8-10 days for some of my recent requests. I’m also half way done with my next episode but I’ll probably have to wait for approvals still once I’m done. The wait is getting ridiculous now.

I think they are updating the portal which is making it freak out but I keep getting this error every single time I try to preview something. I noticed the new speechbubbles in the previewer so I think that might be messing things up. Idk anymore :woman_facepalming:


Oh no are you serious? I just started to write a story again and sent a pending review for my Cover Arts, I’ve been waiting for 5 days now, but 2 weeks wtf. That means I have to wait for even longer now.


We know this isn’t the end of the world. But there are people who live off of episode. Who at least pay their rent with episode. And if you’re in a business. You should be able to handle main stuff. This wasn’t like this before Liz went on maternity leave.


Honestly I don’t think this has anything to do with Liz. She certainly did a great job, but I believe she managed completely different areas. Some authors get paid for writing, I get that, but they won’t really lose anything by waiting a little longer. They probably won’t have that many reads on a week when they are unable to update, but they still can continue writing the next chapter(s), publish them in batches, and their reads will get doubled or tripled the next week.
This is just my opinion and I only shared it because I don’t think this would justify a riot. It’s annoying though.


I reread your post and now I’m not sure you talked about the writers in the payment program… If you meant the Episode team members, I see where you are coming from.


As people who are bringing money in for Episode, because we’re making and producing stories (most of us with no pay) of course we’ll be annoyed if our backgrounds aren’t being reviewed, we have everything done to a schedule. Most of us can’t even tell our readers when new chapters will be published, I hope they can sort it out. :heart:


episode rn:


Damn though, TWO weeks? I have a small and large cover pending, no way do I wanna wait two weeks or longer to be able to use them. Hopefully this’ll be resolved soon. :pensive:




My prayings have been answered, thank you team. And thank you Jeremy for informing us. :sob:


my cover’s been pending for 2-3 weeks. :tired_face: i hope they fix this soon