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Artist(s) Wanted!
Who does covers?

Point 11 then how will you know the characters


In my form, you need to give an exact description of the character. It’s on my request.




Cover made for @Marina0324
Enjoy!!! @Marina0324 The unmarked cover is on your PMs

Don’t forget to credit me at @episodechick33


Cover made for @Jo.Author !! Hope you like the cover!!! @Jo.Author the unmarked Cover is in your PMs

Don’t forget to credit me at @episodechick33


Thank you!


No problem!!




Just saying its good and all but doesn’t wear outfits like that in story but oh well. I don’t want to waste your time and your cover still looks great so thanks a lot!


Oh I just made outfits since you didn’t give me a recomended outift. I’m so sorry, do you want me to remake it??


Well only if its no trouble for you as don’t want to give you more work to do. Also its fine as you said I didn’t say any outfits,.


Okay. Please give me the outfit details and I will fix it right away.


Oh okay!



Height difference:


Oh, alright, On it.


Thank you!


It’s the least I can do.


Well thank you again! Take as long as you need :smile:


Okay. Most likely will take up to five minutes.