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I am totally in love! Thanks so much for the cover. I will recommend you to others who are in need. Thanks, Zoey!

Alright, that’s awesome, thanks!!!

@NatAttac_101 !! Your covers have arrived!! Enjoy!! Make sure to give me creds!! My insta is episodechick33 !!
Small cover:

Big Cover:

Don’t forget to credit me at @episodechick33 !! Also, my shop IS OPEN!!!

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Hey guys!! I have just finished MY story’s cover!! Like if you think this is good!!

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Here is another edit I made!!

fill it out here?

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@Miss.Autumn Dearie!! You came!! On here, yes.

Story Title: My Gang Life
Author: Autumn N.
Number of Characters: 1
Style: Ink
Genre: Drama
Certain Font: Any
Character details: Skin: Tan, Face Shape: Oval, Eyebrows: Seductive Arch, Eyes: Upturned Feline (White), Nose: Upturned, Mouth: Full Round,Ruby Red
Waist Up
Behavior: Arms crossed angry
Maybe a gun
Tell me if i did anything wrong.

Request accepted! Since I have my school testing there might be a slight delay.


How many Splashes: 1
Type of splash (s): Instagram
Color Palate of splash: ???
Character Details (NO SCREENSHOTS): LIMELIGHT Hair: Long Feathered, Platinium Blonde Face: Heart Soft Eyebrow: Round Thin High black Eyes: Female Genetric Nose: Round Button Upturned Mouth: Full Heart Pouty Red Gloss Skin Color: Fair Neutral Outfit: A dress
The character’s behaviors: The character (Show only face) at the bottom of the picture looking up smiling
Any specific background?: Any background that looks exciting and a bit girly but not too
Exact words for splash (es): Follow my Instagram (leave a line) Episode: ngliqingepisode_author (Another line) Personal: ng_li_qing
I hope you accept my request
Pls send it PM instagram: ngliqingepisode_author

Hey! Sorry for the delay! I will get your splash done as soon as I can! Thanks, love!

Although, I can’t send it to you on instagram!

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Hey, @RYAN !!! Could you close this thread so I can restart this thread?? Please and Thank you!

Closing per OP request :v:t2: