This is hard to explain, but-

Right so see when you see the characters on the tv screen, and it says “BREAKING NEWS” and the bar that says breaking news is moving? its on the story adrenaline and idk how to do it :frowning:

You’ll need a tv overlay/background (@shara.stories has some) and then another overlay for the breaking news part.
You’ll have to do a bit of directing for it

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yeah, ive got the overlays x
But how do you make it loop, so like keep moving?

You’ll have to spot direct the overlays

Sorry I suck when it comes to explaining overlay directing :sweat_smile:

You can read about overlays here:

@pan to zone 3
&cut to zone 1
@pan zone 3
Blah blah blah
&cut to zone 1
@Pan to zone 3