This is Hard to Explain-

Okay, so what Im trying to say is that- Lisanna and Endessa are friends and they are in a cafe and Lisanna’s boyfriend comes at zone 2 but Lisanna doesnt want Endessa to know about him, how do I make the Lisanna and Endessa stay at the cafe background with the same seating positions from coming back from zone 2?

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Check out: HOW TO: Stage Direction

They can be sitting in zone 1, the camera pans to zone 2 where he is (or walks in) and then it pans back to zone 1 where they are still sitting (you don’t need to re-put them in the scene unless you change the background, so switching between zones is fine)

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Exactly what I was going to say! :joy:

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Thank you!

No Problem :+1:

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