This is how to get a classic story to work in the animations previewer in the portal


This is how to get a classic story to work in the previewer.

Open up a new tab

Copy this and paste into the new tab or paste this behind your story’s ID in the URL of the story:

And then click on enter on your keyboard.

If you opened a new tab:
Now grab the ID of your story from the URL of the story and paste it in front of the =: (Spaces are not allowed. By the way, this isn’t a real URL it just acts like one I think…)


Here’s a photo of where you can find the ID:

The high-lighted words in the screen shot/photo is what you should paste in front of the =

Then click enter and here it is:

By the way,

If you want to see all animations it is best to leave it on Emotions: all

and maybe Filter by: all

and use the search instead.


@Trying_To_Help Awesome! I tested this out and I can confirm that this works… you just have to have characters created before you do this.

Edit: There may be a small glitch, however. The portal doesn’t seem to allow me to change styles after doing this. May be unrelated, but I just thought I’d point it out.


This is amazing, thank you so much!


Thank you, lt’s God’s pleasure to make you happy. :slight_smile:


I finally tried this out and it works!


finally i got it