This is my last thread on forums ever!

Hey, I got this really good idea for a new story and I need some characters I know you guys are really helpful and I ALSO wanted to say thank you to everyone on the forums who helped me out and who are always there to help others. So with that being said anyone who gets a role also gets art!!! You can I can make you a cover or a character card and maybe a profile pic too… when you get your character submitted to make sure you also leave a request so I can make you something!! BTW you HAVE to claim a role or you won’t be qualified to get any art. ANYWAY here is my story cover, explanation, and roles…


Cami’s Bestfriend- NOT TAKEN
Amelia’s Bestfriend- NOT TAKEN
Moms Highschool Bestfriend- NOT TAKEN
Store Owners- NOT TAKEN
15 background girls-NONE TAKEN


Cami and Amelia’s Brother- NOT TAKEN
Store Owners-NOT TAKEN
Amelia’s Boyfriend-NOT TAKEN
A boy with a crush on Cami- NOT TAKEN
15 background boys- NOT TAKEN

NAME- The Wrong Type Of Love
There are two sisters, Cami and Amelia, Closer than any sisters you’ll ever meet in Brooklyn. But Cami feels a different Kind of love for her sister. The wrong kind of love. What happens when Amelia finds out… Will their relationship be ruined. Read The Wrong Type Of Love to find out!

No longer continuing this thread OR this story… Thanks, episode community for making me feel bad about my ideas :+1: I feel loved!


Wait, so she falls in love with her sister?


If so, that’s incest. :thinking:


I guess??? It’s a weird plot, I think


yeah, I got a little confused.


Yes, she “falls in love” with her sister there is a background to the story I just don’t wanna spoil it… Like in the description it says…

The background is kinda hidden in that sentence…

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Something… Something in the depths of my mind the back of my head, SOMETHING is telling me that is a horrible idea.

so, this is at a halloween party, so everyone is dressed up. So well that you can’t see the faces, and these sisters somehow didn’t see what the other one wore…

“O.M.G! Spin da bottle, bishes!”


bottle lands on in-cister 2, who also failed to recognize her voice

walk to closet, this is some “7 minutes in heaven/spin the bottle” mashup.

it’s dark, they start kissing whatnot, the other guests are like-

“You’ve been in there too long!”

they open the door to reveal…

Sister1 and Sister2

inspiration for the scene-

Final thoughts:

Don’t do it.


I don’t think people were making you feel bad about your ideas, despite how some comments are I think they’re expressing some concern about the plot you’ve described. Only you know what the actual plot is, but the description you’ve given sounds like it violates the guidelines and doesn’t seem right. You may want to give a bit more information about the plot so people don’t get the wrong ideas.


Hey thank you for the little push I needed to return to forums. I wanted to come back but I had to think about it… and @LillyR I know people weren’t making me feel bad about my ideas it’s just that I have issues with myself I need help with… I’m going to therapy sessions and everything on it but I’m sorry to the community if I made anyone feel like I had any kind of hate towards them It wasn’t my intention at all I know you guys were just giving me helpful tips on why it would be a bad idea to do this story… and over the time I was away I realized that It truly is a horrible idea to do this story… mainly because incest is a serious thing and it may come off as something different to others… So instead I still wanted to do a romance based story so I had an even better Idea… I again thank you for the push and thank you for being so kind… and not just you but everyone on forums… as I said before forums is a really helpful community and many people wouldn’t get far without forums and it’s a place to have fun and open up… If you wanna see what my newest story will be about check out my latest thread and give me tips on how to improve!!! Again thank you! :smile: :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: :kissing_heart: :relaxed:


Thank you :heart:

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It’s okay, I wasn’t bothered by it, but yeah incest is a serious thing, and I just hope that you will feel better soon and trust me I have some problems with myself and it is very stressful but still manage to pull through. But, I’m glad that you’re getting back to writing and can’t wait for your new story!!! Keep staying positive!!


Thanks :heart:

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Okay, just going to give a small of a little info, incest stories are not allowed on episode, because it will go against guideline and you could have your story removed.

If you look up incest it means a family member loving another family member, others see things very differently and others think differently, but yeah she could still write a new story OR change the description to something different to not make it seem incest.