This is news to me

I’ve been waiting a week for this background to be approved, because I’m only waiting on it to publish new episodes of my story. And today I see this:

This background was approved the first time I uploaded it. I did not get it from an editor or a movie or whatever. The “copyrights” on this image didn’t seem to be a problem the first time around!

I accidentally deleted it when cleaning my portal from old overlays I didn’t use, so I had to re upload it. And now you’re not approving it, when you did the first time I uploaded it?! What the freakin hell Episode?



Show it

@CoraMae Why?

This is supposly be from some movie (as they say), but I don’t recognize it.

Where did you find it?

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I searched on google, clicked the link, and verified EVERYTHING. I didn’t see any copyright on this image. I guess they did somehow… it’s just that it bothers me since they approved it before.

Giiirlll wwaaaat no way that background has copyright. Literally no way.


Doesn’t really matter though since Episode says otherwise and I still have to change it… :roll_eyes:

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Hmm, that’s strange…


Maybe you could ask them?

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I guess, I just feel like sending the ticket, waiting for them to answer and just telling me the same weird info isn’t worth it. It’s just a waste of time… I’ll find another background

True :confused:

I reverse searched this image and found it on a place called and then I found this in the description. It’s copyrighted.


Unless you know who made the image, you can never be certain it’s not copyrighted.

Oh it’s okay the issue is solved.