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wow…just wow…


I’m really sorry all this happened to you. You don’t deserve that. That’s horrible. Don’t let him ruin the rest of your holidays. You deserve to be happy. I hope you have a happy new year.


That’s a lot I’m sorry that happened to you…


You I’m m soooo soory
What kind of person does that
And he didn’t give you any gifts
I would do the same thing as you
But I myself can’t do that
I understand
But me and my dad’s relationship isn’t like that
Does he even love you???
(Not to sound cruel or mean)


im glad im not the only one who had a terrible christmas. i woke up to my parents fighting :woman_shrugging: i dont want to say why but my parents might get divorced :woman_shrugging: it really sucks having parents who dont love each other but still stay together. today was the first time i saw my mom cry and it just hurt me so much because she is such a strong person and i love her to death.


Oh wow, it must really suck for you right now

i may not know you, but what you’re going through is horrible and i wish that you fix your relationship with you’re dad

Because i would do anything to have real parents

i would do anything to have a real family

Don’t get me wrong, i love my adoptive parents, but it just sucks knowing that my real parents abandoned me because they don’t care

And the fact that i don’t know anything makes me more upset

Like i don’t even know if they’re alive!!!


closed adoption?

i’m not sure

everytime i ask my adoptive parents about my biological ones, they never give me a proper answer


wow that sucks. i hope you can find out about your biological parents and get your questions answered :heartpulse:

thank you, means allot x

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omg i just saw this message now.

i am really sorry you’re in this position

you seem like a nice person, you don’t deserve this

well i guess the sayings ‘bad things always happens to good people’ is true


I kind of know what you mean , I don’t have a relationship with my father at all , i barely see him , only at lunch or diner so he could complain about my mom’s food or comment on anything i do . honestly , it sucks , i know that i shouldn’t be feeling this way but i hate him , i wish he leaves so i can have a life without being afraid of getting hit or yelled at .

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Your dad is worse that the cake I set on fire!

He doesn’t deserve the time you took to write all that sh-t out!


Sorry that this christmas didn’t turn out like you wanted and your not alone because mine was probably the worse one yet. Hope next year it’s much merrier <3

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