This is not a goodbye, it’s a see you later


Hello fellow people in need of their art from me. Since it’s not an appropriate time at all for me to do edits or spend my time on the forums in the first place, I’ve decided to 1. Stay off the forums for a bit and 2. Stop editing for a bit. Now I know the people below and maybe others will be pretty upset about my desicion. But right now there’s a lot of issues I need to deal with in my life before anything else; I’m going through some stuff and it’s difficult to juggle editing, work, forums, and issues all at once. And I know I’ve let a lot of you down, but I need a break right now, from everything. If your name is below, yes, unfortunately your request is cancelled.

  1. @XxQueenAriannaxX1
  2. @abygail.bauman
  3. @Zaina.creates
  4. @Flynnopily
  5. @Rosegold_14
  6. @emmazapp
  7. @Katiekate
  8. @GeoWrites
  9. @Episode_girl23

I’m extremely sorry to all the people out there who waited a very long time and didn’t get their edit in the end. I hope you guys support my decision. I might be in the pms at times but that’s pretty much it. Everyone here is like family to me, you guys have helped me with everything and I hope I did the same in return. Goodbye for now, ily guys so much.


ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh Lapiz :confounded: this is upsetting but I hope everything is ok. I’ll miss you!


You will be missed!! Your art is awesome, we hope you come back soon! Hope everything gets better. :blue_heart:


Aw ty sweetie, ilysm srsly :))


You don’t now how much that means to me :blush:


U might not know me but i love ypur art and I will miss u dearly


I know you, we dmed on ig a while ago. I’ll miss ya :))


Me too
When you come back I will be as joyful


I appreciate it


I requested from u a little while back, and let me just tell you that your work is amazing and I hope that everything gets better and you come back! -Cassandra


You will be missed on the forums!


Aaah thank you :sleepy:


Ilysm :heart:


No thank YOU for all that you’ve done for the community!


Aww, honestly it’s people like you who make my day 10 times better :blush:


Aww! That’s nice of you to say!


Omg lapiz, you’ll be missed! But we understand your decision thank you for making my amazing cover for my story!


I will miss you, hope all of your problems get cleared up.
I definitely support your decision
btw you are so talented!!!


Thank you, I’ll miss you so friggin’ much :sparkling_heart:


Ikr! So talented!