This is not working

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What exactly isn’t working?

Maybe you need to remove the minus sign from the layer numbers? :thinking:

I do see an error on line 233. It should be @add Coffee Cup to LOTTE

Coffee Cup To Go it’s a Limelight Prop

I haven’t been working with Limelight yet so I didn’t know. My bad :sweat_smile:!

INT. MANSION ENTERTAINMENT ROOM - DAY with TABLE TEA to 4.246 9 51 at layer -4 with SALAD
&overlay SALAD opacity 0 in 0
&overlay SALAD shifts to 24 33
&overlay SALAD scales to .866 .866
&overlay SALAD moves to layer 2
&LOTTIE spot .708 77 205
&LOTTIE moves to layer -5
&KIERA spot .837 266 205
&KIERA moves to layer -5

@pause for a beat

Here you go.

Thank you, Kiera.

&overlay SALAD opacity 1 in 0
@add Coffee Cup To Go to LOTTIE

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