This is only to talk about bread so if you don’t pls leave

Tiger bread :joy::heart_eyes::kissing_closed_eyes::kissing_closed_eyes:

The bread isle is the gretest smell in world. :drooling_face:

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It is 5:50am where I am, I have not slept, clicked this thread thinking it was gonna be some sort of joke. Now I’m in my kitchen making toast.

My favs are toast w cinnamon & sugar or banana bread. :two_hearts::grin:


Lol yes. I woke up at around 2 and I haven’t slept since
I got like, 3 hours of sleep

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this title deadass makes no sense but BUMP

If you didn’t post that gif, I was gonna have to lol. :ok_hand::joy:

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I am a picky eater so every day at lunch, I eat a sandwich.

Bread bread bread :baguette_bread::pretzel::croissant::bagel::bread:

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