This is really annoying

Guys who has had this experience I feel like the episode team is biased to me for a week now or more I have sent them email regarding different issues from my book to episode it self and there haven’t replied and then I used another email to email them they replied that one


Dumb question but have you sent a ticket or just emails?


You have to be patient, it takes time for the team to respond, can’t have a quick rush to answer. Besides they have a small team so its going to take some time. :woman_shrugging:

Like @LillyR said did u send a ticket in?


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Yes I have several

Then how come this is the first time it’s taking so long and my other email was replied to quickly you didn’t read the what I wrote well

It’s general I wanted to see if others had the same experience with me

I did read it, the team always takes long to answer emails etc, I’ve been through it before. Just submit a ticket again.

As I already explained, this has to do with Episode so it belongs in the Episode Fan Community section of the forums. Please review the forum tutorial which was already shared with you above for more info on how to correctly create threads on the forums. Thanks! :v:

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I did submit it feels like a biased system I emailed no reply then I used my other email fast reply

The team has a lot of stuff to deal with, their not a big team, like I said before.

Yeah u got a first reply from that email u used, unless u sent if before or after u send another one with the other email. I dont what is going on with the team but u have to be patient and wait. Things just don’t get replied that fast. Or u can try and message a forum admin to talk about it. That’s all I can do/know about. I suppose.

I believe that when you send in multiple tickets, you end up sending all of your previous tickets to the end of the line. Give them a few days or so because it takes time and it also depends on who will end up getting the ticket escalated to them. Smart me seems to always end up sending tickets on a Friday afternoon, which means it’s going to take longer for them to respond.

I think you have to be patient, because the episode team is very busy with reviewing overlays and backgrounds as well as covers, and etc. They’re not always available 24/7.

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