This is really not creative

When the MC gets angry why does the love interest always think that’s attractive or hot?! It’s really not creative and it gets annoying sometimes


I don’t really get it either. I mean it’s not attractive. When people get angry, it’s usually annoying at least for me. But then idk I guess it’s just this thing a lot people put in the stories, and I don’t personally really mind it that mich. But then again I rarely read stories.


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I don’t understand it either. The only thing I’d understand is if the love interest likes it to annoy the MC, but not necessarily find it “attractive.”


Usually, when the MC is angry for a good reason and wants to vent to the LI, the a**hole will kiss her to shut her up and then say he did it because he finds her sexy when she’s angry. That’s usually how these kinds of scenes go for me :roll_eyes:


Whether these authors realize it or not, it’s a way of diminishing the validity of female anger. The LI treats MC like a petulant child and the narrative positions him as the mature party. Control, control, control.


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